Folding desks, a solution to decorate small spaces


Desks are essential in most of our homes. We all use it as a tool to carry out various tasks or to control the economy of the home. We are many who work from home and many others who need a space in which to prepare exams.

Few, however, we have a room available to convert into a studio. The usual thing has to steal space in the living room or bedroom to be able to locate the desk. And when these spaces are small, betting on folding desks becomes an interesting solution.

Small spaces intended for more than one use are no longer a secret for furniture houses. The need has made them put their creativity to work to compensate for the fact that housing and gaps are getting smaller or that more and more people have to share them.

From this creativity and the need for adaptation, alternative proposals to traditional ones such as folding desks have been born. Desks that usually have the necessary surface to work comfortably with the computer (min 40 × 30 cm.) And that occupies very little space when they are not used. A feature that also makes us very interesting for those who believe that it is not worth assigning a space permanently to a piece of furniture that will not be used regularly.

Advantages of folding desks

  • They allow creating a workspace in a small space.
  • When they are not being used they hardly take up space.
  • They can be placed in any room of the house without interfering with their decoration.

Types of folding desks

There are many solutions that provide us with a work surface and that we include as “folding desks”. From simple folding tables to wall desks, through shelves and cabinets with integrated folding tables. To choose the most appropriate one, ask yourself beforehand how you will use the desk and how much material you will move when you work on it.

Folding or folding tables

The folding table is one of the simplest and most economical solutions. A good option for all those who do not want to occupy a space probably necessary for other activities. When it is used, it will be enough to fold it and it will be attached to the wall, saving space in the room.

You can buy them or make them yourself with a board, two folding squares, some screws and a drill. Our advice is that wherever you go to locate it also install high shelves, so you can organize the work or study material always have the table clear.

Small folding wall desks

The small wall desks supply some of the storage deficiencies that the previous alternative presented. Most incorporate small compartments so that we can organize documents and desk supplies and hide them with elegance, once we finish using them.

The wide variety of existing designs in the market makes this alternative also one of the most attractive.

Integrated folding desks

What if we integrate a desk in furniture that also provides us with extensive storage solutions? When we do not use it, it will go unnoticed, thus achieving less visual noise in the said room, which will help create a greater sense of order.

A desk can be integrated into different pieces of furniture, from closets to shelves. We can find proposals of this type in the market but also make them measure, according to our real needs.

Any of the options are good for those who want to save space. Whoever wishes that they also go unnoticed will only have to choose a folding desk in the same color as the wall. We must not forget that the more or less contemporary or rustic style that this contributes to the room will depend as much on the design of the desk as on the finish or the color of it.

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