Furniture for television in the living room


Our homes have changed a lot over the years, but we still need a piece of furniture for television. A piece of furniture that allows us to organize the cables of this and other multimedia devices and to help us reduce the sensation of disorder that these generate.

The furniture for television can also serve us to organize other common objects in the room such as discs, books, and photographs. With everything in place we just have to lie on the sofa and relax watching a movie or our favorite series.

Furniture for television

There are different types of furniture in which to place television and organize the many electronic devices that we use today almost daily. The furniture at a half height that combines open and closed storage is the most popular, but we can also find in many homes custom furniture with television in sight or hidden.Furniture for television

Halfway up

The half-height furniture is designed so that when you support the television on the surface, the central part of the screen is 85-100 cm. of the floor, the height at which our eyes are when we sit on the sofa. In addition, they are currently prepared to hide the cables and save DVDs, consoles.

As there are many different types of things that we usually want to store in this furniture, its design usually combines closed storage solutions with open storage solutions. The surface is usually occupied by TV, in addition to other merely decorative objects that add personality to space

You will find them in different styles so that you can adapt them to the decoration of your living room and with different finishes and colors. When they are the same color as the wall, they blend with it, providing the living room with a modern and light aesthetic. So if we want to give it more prominence we will have to choose furniture that contrasts with the wall, being the most common those made of wood.


Do you need more storage space? Modular furniture is the solution. These are composed of the main module, a low cabinet in which the television is placed, and various modules that, fixed to the wall, complete the set. The advantage of this furniture is that you can choose the modules thinking about what you want to place in them. In this way, you ensure that these fit your storage needs.Furniture for television

In terms of aesthetics, modular television furniture is characterized by a modern and minimalist design that allows us to play with color. A feature that will make them fit especially well in diaphanous and avant-garde space.


Custom-made TV furniture requires more investment but allows us to combine all our needs. They usually occupy an entire wall from floor to ceiling and other television; integrate low cabinets, shelves, and even the fireplace if necessary.

Many of this furniture currently have sliding doors. For what? You will ask yourself. To hide television and other electronic devices when they are not used is not that a great idea? So the room is cleaner and more orderly.

Custom furniture is usually made of wood and comes in a natural or white color. They have a classic aesthetic and fit perfectly in all types of rooms, both traditional and modern, as the images show.

All these TV furniture provide you with a space to put the TV, additional storage space, something that is always necessary for a space like the living room. There are so many things to keep … books, records, electronic devices, and even crockery, if the living room shares space with the dining room.

If you want to make the most of the furniture and not lose a meter of storage, you can also fix the television to the wall instead of resting it on the surface. That is if you decide to do so, use an approved anchor suitable for your type of wall, safety comes first!

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