Furniture to decorate small toilets


Do you have a toilet and do not know how to take advantage of it? The toilets are small rooms with space for sink, toilet and sometimes, another toilet. Because of its small size, precisely, they become a decorative challenge for many.

The choice of furniture is a key process when decorating small toilets. Achieving a visually spacious and orderly space should be our goal. For this the ideal is to bet on light colors, materials that reflect light and light furniture combinations.

The correct lighting and decoration of a space of small dimensions can make this look visually much larger. A tiling with light-colored rectangular tiles and a countertop washbasin can be a good way to start shaping a toilet.

The counter top washbasins are one of the most popular choices for decorating small toilets because they provide character. However when with storage space is important the compact furniture of modern lines become the best alternative.

Countertop washbasins

Countertop sinks are those that are placed on a surface and not integrated into it. They are a very interesting option for very small toilets. Why? Because if we replace the furniture with a surface anchored to the wall, we achieve a visually lighter set and therefore perfect for decorating small toilets.

When it comes to a secondary toilet in which the need for storage space is not a priority, this is definitely a good option. Choosing a suitable countertop size, both for the dimensions of the toilet and your needs, and placing a stand under the countertop to hang the towel, will be key to make it work and be practical.

The trends invite to create contrasts between the countertop and the sink. If you look at different decoration publishers you will find proposals as interesting as the ones we show you, that combine a wooden countertop with a stone sink or a marble countertop with a copper sink. Do not get carried away, however, by the trends. To choose the right materials, it is necessary to think about both the use of the toilet and the budget.

Suspended toilets

The prominence that suspended sinks and toilets have acquired is not accidental. In contrast to conventional toilets, they are more attractive and lighter visually. In addition, they facilitate the cleaning of the bathroom; a practical question that we should not overlook.

The suspended toilets form a great tandem with the countertop sinks mentioned to decorate small toilets. However, before betting on this type of toilet it is essential to know both its advantages and its disadvantages. In addition to supposing a greater economic cost, the cisterns of the suspended toilets hide in the wall, what entails a “lost” of space and a more complex installation if it is not realized of work.

Modular and compact furniture

When having storage space in the bathroom is a necessity, it is also to incorporate cabinets to the design. Then small compact furniture becomes a great alternative. Furniture with integrated sink that includes different storage solutions for storing towels and hygiene products.

We can go further and add to the furniture also the toilet. This type of furniture, which is known as a combo, is not very frequent but offers us some advantage: it reduces water consumption by up to 25% compared to a standard toilet. How? Creating an ingenious system that uses water from the sink to reuse it in the toilet.

We can also bet on simple furniture of modern lines with integrated washbasin or on countertop. Make sure they have the storage space you need; both drawers and shelves in which to organize everything you use in the bathroom.

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