Garden sheds: add useful space to your home


Do not wait until spring arrives to make changes in your garden. Having everything ready to be able to squeeze this space to the fullest when the good weather arrives should be your goal. Do not have space to organize garden supplies? Do you dream of having your own workshop but do not have space at home? The garden sheds become a great alternative to add useful space to your house, gain storage space and maintain order.

Uses of garden sheds

The garden sheds are a functional solution to keep organized garden tools, store family bicycles or enable a rest area, work or outdoor leisure, among other examples. They can, therefore, fulfill different functions:

  • Storage space for garden machinery, tools, pool accessories, wood for the fireplace…
  • Garage. To protect motor vehicles or bicycles from the inclemency of the weather.
  • Extra room. Do not you have room at home for the guests? The garden sheds allow you to create from a guest room to an office or workshop to help you develop your professional facet.
  • Leisure:  You can also use them to create a play space for children, a DIY workshop or a place to sit and read.Design features

Design features

We can find them made of wood, metal or resin with surfaces of up to 11 square meters. The number of garden booths on the market is such that it can be overwhelming to choose the most appropriate one. Keys to make a good decision will determine in advance what will be its use and know the most important factors at the time of purchase.

Previous considerations

Before putting yourself to look at any booth, consider the following keys:

  • Before choosing the size of the house, think about what use you are going to give it. Are you going to use it as storage space, garage or to enable space for work or leisure?
  • Where do you live? In a very humid place? Near the beach? Not all materials resist the same way to moisture, corrosion…
  • Are you adept at editing? How much are you willing to work on its maintenance?

Size of the booth

How much space can you allocate to the garden shed? Delineate with a string the outer space that you can occupy and calculate the square meters to buy a house adapted to space. Cordoning the space will help you get a more realistic idea of the space you gain/lose in the garden.

How many meters do you need for your purpose? If you plan to use the house to enable a rest or workspace there will be essential pieces of furniture that you should be able to accommodate. In the case of allocating it to storage, it will be important to think about each and every one of the large objects that will be stored in the shed without forgetting the small elements: garden furniture, machinery, bicycles…

Construction material

The garden sheds can be made of metal, wood, resin or composite. Each material has its own characteristics: the metal ones are light and resistant to impacts and corrosion; those of heavier but aesthetic wood; the resin, easy to assemble and with no maintenance. These and other previous considerations will help you choose the most appropriate material for yours.

Wood.  The wooden huts are visually very attractive and the favorite to create cozy rest and work areas. However, they are heavier and usually require more assembly and maintenance than the rest. In the market you will be able to distinguish wooden huts of two types: treated with an insecticide/fungicide product and resistant to moisture, and untreated. The latter is more economical a priori but it is necessary to treat them with varnish or glaze to protect it from fungi, moisture, and insects.

Galvanized metal:  The galvanized metal sheds are light and resistant to both shock and corrosion, although they present a certain weakness in environments with saline air. Its cleaning is simple, it is enough to hose them, and their maintenance is scarce. Those in silver or dark gray are the most popular for their contemporary and modern aesthetics to store motorcycles, bikes and garden tools.

Resin:  They are resistant to saline air, to the incidence of the sun’s UV rays and to condensation. In addition, they are easily installed and their maintenance is nil. No wonder that with all these advantages are the favorite to store tool and garden supplies.

Other design features

In addition to the size and the material of manufacture, there are other characteristics to which you must pay attention if you want the garden sheds to be practical for a specific use:

  • Ground? Many garden sheds, especially metal ones, do not include the ground, keep this in mind!
  • Doors or windows? Depending on the size of the objects you are going to store, you will need one or two-door booths. Also if you are going to use it as a leisure area, it may be interesting that the design includes windows.
  • Porch or annex? You can use it as firewood, to store bicycles or protect plants during the winter

Other complements Depending on the use, it will be useful to incorporate rack kits or bicycle stands.

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