Glass jars to decorate your home


What do you usually do with empty glass jars? This article we want to encourage you to recycle them and give them a second use. We are sure that when you look at the alternatives that we propose to decorate your home with them, you will not throw away one!

It is customary to keep a glass jar at home, but we are not aware of the many uses we can give them. They can serve as a centerpiece, become a source of light or help us organize food or utensils in the kitchen. We show it to you with an example that we hope will inspire you and encourage you to be creative.

Glass jars as a centerpiece

If when we invite family or friends to eat at home we worry about preparing a menu that satisfies and/or surprises us, why do not we pay the same attention when decorating the table? With those glass jars that we keep at home, we can create beautiful floral centers to dress the table.

The flowers bring freshness. For that reason, the floral arrangements are the most demanded alternative as a centerpiece and it is not a coincidence. To make your own flower arrangements you can use glass jars and decorate them with ropes or lace if you want to give them a rustic touch. It will be enough with you to incorporate some of the flowers that grow in your garden or that you find in a walk through the field to create compositions with your own stamp.

Glass jars to light up your home

What if we replace flowers with candles? Lighting our home with candles is, without a doubt, a romantic proposal. A glass jar can become a great ally to do it safely. And it is enough to fill the base of the jar with sand, stones or shells so that it is also decorative. You can use them both inside and outside of your home.

Do you have a dark corner in your home or want to give personality? If so, you can go further and create lamps from glass jars. How? Creating a wooden or metal support and hanging, from it, glass jars as tulips. With a few basic notions of electricity, you can create elegant compositions to light up your kitchen or living room like the ones we show you.

Glass jars as a vase or planter

Glass jars can become beautiful decorative elements if we combine them with flowers. They can serve as the centerpiece, as we have seen, but also provide a natural and fresh touch to other areas of the home. You can hang them from the wall or fix them to any surface through metal rings, strings or leather strips. But also create flourishes of contemporary style combining glass and concrete, as we show you.

They can also serve as a flowerpot to grow small succulents or aromatics. The jars are, in fact, an original way to grow the latter in the kitchen and have them handy when cooking our favorite dishes. The lack of space is not an excuse to grow your own parsley, cilantro, basil or mint.

Glass jars to organize your kitchen

The glass jars are ideal for organizing both food and kitchen utensils that would otherwise probably be rolling through the drawers. You will find fantastic ideas to decorate glass jars used to store candy and knickknacks, grains and cereals or cooking tools.

And you will not have to master any technique to achieve results like the ones we show you. In the network, you can find different tutorials that teach you the best way to paint these glass jars or transfer labels to them. Ideas that will be very practical for you.

These are just some of the uses that you can give to some simple glass jars. But there are more; you can use them to organize your study or cosmetics, to display photographs on a small table or to create with them beautiful jars of snow to give next Christmas.

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