Guidelines for decorating Nordic style


The Nordic style has become an icon in homes, a trend that is still on the rise. The Nordic rooms are very nice and ideal for small spaces because with their use of white they create a great feeling of space. But the Nordic style is much more than a room in white tones.

To know the Nordic style we must take into account some of the guidelines that are used to create a Nordic living room. There are many variants, with more modern spaces and others that mix other trends such as vintage style. In essence, there are some things we must do to make space offer Scandinavian charm.


The Nordic salons are characterized by a great use of white color. In this style the spaces must be bright and clear, and for this nothing better than using the white tone. Some people use a total white and there are those who mix it with basic tones such as gray or even with colors such as mustard or rosewood. Be that as it may, the white color should always be the main protagonist, because it will allow us to create those spaces full of light.

Soft Tones

The soft tones are also the great ones chosen in the Nordic style at the time of giving a touch of color to the rooms. Pastel colors are often seen in these Nordic environments. Tones such as pearl gray, sky blue, mint green or pastel pink are chosen. They are tones that add color and do not subtract light, so they are perfect if we tire of white.

Prints on textiles

Textiles of the Nordic style usually carry some pattern, usually in black and white. They are printed with patterns with basic shapes, often being geometric motifs. We find them in blankets, cushions, carpets or curtains. They give much more play to spaces, which with their white colors can end up being boring. That is why in the Scandinavian world we find typical prints, with motives such as trees, arrows or triangles. Although you can always go a little further and add new prints to the space to give it a different touch.

Wood to give warmth

In the Nordic style, you can sometimes create spaces that are a little cold with the use of white and shades such as black or gray. That’s why you have to add a little warmth. This is a style that seeks naturalness and sustainability that is why furniture is created that is very functional. That lasts a long time and that at the same time are materials that can be recycled like wood.

It is very common to see furniture in wood in very light tones because the dark wood would subtract light. This furniture has simple shapes and can also go with parts painted white. In many of this furniture, we see the legs in white, or parts painted in pastel colors. The wood provides a lot of warmth to all the spaces and it is also usual to see it on the floors. Which can be in basic wood or painted in white or raw tones.

The Scandinavian fireplace

There is an element that we really like about the Scandinavian salons because it is very typical in the northern areas of Europe, where this style was born. It is the Scandinavian fireplace. These chimneys can be ceramic and are usually painted white to match the rest of the room. They are in a corner and keep the heat very well, so they are also more ecological than normal stoves. And of course, they are very decorative.

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