Halloween Decoration Ideas


The celebration of the Halloween night is October 31st, a festival that every year celebrates more and more people in some country. Are you one of them? Do you take advantage of that day to invite your friend’s home? If so, you will like to know simple ideas to decorate your home.

Imported traditions such as disguise or celebrate the trick or treatment have been made a hole in our streets for Halloween. It is not so usual to decorate our homes. But, we are sure that every day more people will be encouraged to do so using pumpkins and terrifying elements.

The colors of Halloween

When we think of Halloween, two colors, black, and orange, come to mind. Black contributes to creating a dark, dark and mysterious atmosphere, through decorative elements associated with this party such as crows, bats, spider webs… While orange serves as a contrast and is usually incorporated in the shape of a pumpkin.

There are, however, other colors that can help us get out of the pre-established routine. Combining black with white or gold can help us achieve a more refined and sophisticated environment without giving up that terrifying atmosphere full of mystery.

Decoration ideas for Halloween

The first thing our guests will see when they arrive at the party will be our door! Why not start there? Decorating the door is a declaration of intentions. Not only will you make it clear to the neighbors of your intentions to celebrate Halloween, but you will get to believe a greater expectation among your guests.

Ideas to decorate the front door

Hang a skeleton from the door or create simple decorative objects using natural elements or stationery. A few dry branches and a spider web effect spray will help you decorate the door economically. And the same thing can be obtained by cutting out cardboard ravens, black bats if they contrast with the door. If you also incorporate some pumpkins and lanterns, the environment will be 10.

Ideas to dress the table

Are you going to offer a snack or dinner to your guests? Decorating the table will then become a great tool for them to enter the environment. Is it going to be a formal or informal style dinner? Or, Will you invite children there? What is your budget for decoration? The answers to these questions will help you determine the colors and the most suitable type of decoration for your party.

If it is a relaxed party in which children participate, bet on a combination of white, black and orange. Invests in some paper napkins and cups with patterns of stripes or polka dots in those shades incorporates cardboard elements that personalize the table and some balloons in order to give it a festive air.

If you are looking for something more formal and sophisticated, choose white crockery and incorporate candlesticks, candle holders and skulls with aged metal finishes or in black. Use glass bells to hide small details and make a spider’s web with polyester fiber that serves as a tablecloth. You will achieve a ghostly but sophisticated table!

Other decorative ideas

In addition to the table, we invite you to decorate with small details the stay in which you are going to celebrate the party. Do you have a fireplace? Take advantage and place next to it some pumpkins and candles that help you achieve a warm and intimate lighting. Place on the surfaces some cage or glass bell and inside these crows, skulls or spiders.

Cut out words related to the party on cardboard such as “Trick or treat” or “Boo” or write on small chalkboards phrases full of mystery. They will help you to decorate the walls in a simple and economical way. Also decorated balloons will do:

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