High stools how and where to use them?


The stool is a piece of furniture that gives us extra space to seat both the members of our family and the guests. The low stools are very versatile and can be useful in living rooms, kitchens, dining rooms, balconies, bathrooms… The high stools, on the other hand, have a more limited use.

The high stools can turn a simple kitchen island into a perfect breakfast bar for the whole family. They can also gather family and friends around it and be accomplices of great moments. And they can be very useful in creative studios or garages.

Where to place high stools

Kitchens have always witnessed important family moments and will continue to be so even if their configuration changes. Few could imagine decades ago the prominence that the islands charge today in this space and the role they play in connecting both different spaces and the people around them.

With the islands as protagonists of the current kitchens, the high stools also live sweet moments, these allow us to take better advantage of the space around them, making them the appropriate place to have breakfast or chat and drink wine in good company.

And in the same way that tall stools are part of the interior kitchens, they can be part of the outdoor kitchens. During the summer many families live in their garden. We should not be surprised therefore that they create small outdoor kitchens with barbecue to enjoy a good meal with family and friends. Such kitchens usually have a bar that usually incorporates high stools to accompany the cook.

There is also someone who opens the kitchen to the outside through large windows that also use as a bar. But you do not need to have a garden or a large terrace; on a balcony, the high stools can be useful to enjoy a coffee in the afternoon or a cocktail in the evening without anything obstructing our view.

In addition to the spaces already mentioned, the stools are very practical in the workspaces. Especially in those in which we move from one position to another as in a sewing workshop, a painting or any other art. In the same way, they are used in garages, a place used by many to carry out DIY projects.

Types of high stools

With or without backrest? Fixed or adjustable in height? Manufactured in wood or aluminum? There are many types of stools in the market. And, it is important to determine what they are going to be used for and how often to determine which the best alternative in each case is.

The material with which the stools have been made will determine to a large extent their style. Wood is one of the most common materials and the favorite to decorate spaces of a rustic nature. The Tolix steel stools, on the other hand, are the favorites in industrial environments. And the combination of both materials, wood, and metal,   does nothing but increase its versatility.

The stools also are in high demand. They are light visually what makes them a great alternative to decorating small and modern spaces. And modern is also the plastic designs in vibrant colors.

In addition to aesthetic considerations, we should not ignore the practices. If we are going to use them daily and we will remain seated in them for an important period of time, choosing stools with footrests and backrest is key to guaranteeing their comfort. Kitchens or workplaces can benefit from high stools with these characteristics.

In those same cases we can also show our interest in ergonomic designs and/or padding; characteristics that will make us feel more comfortable. The quilted designs also involve upholstery that we can customize and with which we can bring personality to the different spaces.

Do you now have a clearer idea of what type of high stools you can find in the market? And which are the most suitable for a specific purpose?

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