How to clean carpets at home


The carpets are part of the decoration of our home. They offer warmer air and help us to complete each room with more colors and, of course, more style. But in addition to the positive side they have, you have to see a side a little more negative and are that they get dirty easily.

As much as we take care of them, dirt always ends up on them. Not only the stains but the user will make the colors look a little more muted and not always the passage of time, but the dust has much to do. So today, we will see how to clean carpets comfortably in our house.

Data to keep in mind before cleaning carpets
There are many and varied classes that we can have. From short or long hair to those made in various materials. Hence, first, we have to take a look at its label. Only then will we know what we are going to find and how to treat it. More than anything, it is about discovering the dyes that it has and if they can give us problems such as bleaching. Since in its preparation you can use both natural and artificial colors that are not toxic. So when you have doubts, it is always advisable to take them to the experts. If you want to go ahead and clean them in your house, then do not miss what follows.
Steps to take care of the carpets

  • Regularly removes dirt by vacuuming.
  • When you drop any food or liquids, you should always clean it at the time to prevent the stain from becoming more complicated to give.
  • Once every year, approximately, it is advisable to change the place carpet as well as the furniture that is on it. In this way, we will be giving you a longer life.
How to clean carpets

For wool and felt carpets, we can always resort to ammonia with detergent. Two great ingredients when it comes to cleaning our home.

If you have spots of both coffee and chocolate, sauces and fruit among others, you will resort to a new trick. The best thing in these cases is to opt for a bucket of water that is warm, a small part of white vinegar and another of detergent. You can apply this solution with care; you can rub lightly with a sponge and remove with a cloth.

However, if you have glue or sugar on the carpet, then you can resort to a mixture of alcohol and water. Remember that this is always for small areas and that the amount of alcohol has to be much lower than that of water. It is always advisable to try on a less visible area of the carpet, to see if we can really continue with the cleaning.

It does not hurt to have the solvent at home for dry cleaning. Because of thanks to him, the oil stains will be gone in a very short time.

One of the home remedies, which we cannot resist, is salt. Thanks to it we can also eliminate those unpleasant odors that may remain in these decorative elements. For this, we will sprinkle salt on it. We are going to roll it tight enough and let it rest like that one day. Then you extend it again and you will pass the vacuum to eliminate the salt that we have thrown out.

Dry cleaning is always basic when we do not know the components of the carpet. In this case, we will use bicarbonate in the same way as salt.

We must remember that if we have used any of the solutions with water, the important thing is not to soak the carpet too much and let it dry well. That is, in a much-ventilated place. The task is not complicated, but if it is a large and very good carpet, we should advise you to leave it in the hands of the experts.

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