How to decorate a baby’s room


Decorating the baby’s room is a job since we are talking about your first space, a place where both the child and the mother should feel comfortable and also have to be fully functional. Not for that reason, we have to give up a nice decoration, since nowadays we find many inspirations in the shops to decorate these spaces.

The baby’s room is a place that should express the child’s world but also be a place of peace for the mother and the baby. In addition, it is necessary to think about the essential furniture to add. Then the small details that will make the space something personalized and special will come.

Furniture for the baby room

When choosing the furniture for the baby’s room we should think in principle about functionality. What we need as basic is a cradle, which can be convertible or not, to make the transition to a child’s bed, a changing table, a nursing chair and some storage furniture, which can be a wardrobe or the changer itself. These are the basic furniture that is needed in a space for the baby and the mother. From there, the rest will be decorative details to complete a cozy and pleasant space for both.

Nordic baby room

The Nordic style is very fashionable, so it is very easy to find it in the baby’s rooms. This style offers us many possibilities, with environments in white colors, light wood, and furniture with very simple lines. In this style we also take the natural, so we can find details such as the wicker basket or the carpet with wool. Textiles usually have an important role when it comes to providing warmth, along with wood.

Classic baby room

The good thing about classic furniture is that they will not go out of style. These are white and have very simple lines. Although in this room they have to remove the crib in the future, they can always take advantage of furniture like that beautiful wardrobe, which is also very easy to combine with other furniture with basic lines in white tones.

Modern baby room

You cannot miss ideas with more modern designs. This room is decorated in beautiful gray and white tones, which serve both boys and girls alike. With a nice design and soft lines, we also find nice handles on all the furniture, with hearts, clouds, and stars.

Wicker furniture

The wicker furniture is trendy again. It is a trend that we can incorporate in many ways in the baby’s room. From adding a wicker cradle to a basket, a rocker or a wicker lamp. There are many different details that can be interesting for the baby’s room. Also, a nice chair for breastfeeding or a rocking chair can be good ideas. The wicker goes very well with styles such as boho chic, Nordic or classic.

Colorful baby room

Among these baby rooms, we usually find ideas in pastel shades very soft. Normally you want to create a neutral and quite relaxing environment, which is why colors such as pastel blue, pearl gray or light yellow are used. But there are rooms that enjoy more intense tones, like this, which also has a very funny touch on the walls with that childish paper. They have focused on three colors, gray, coral and light blue, with a white background. It must be said that spaces never have to add more than three colors or we will be saturated, even if it is a pastel space.

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