How to decorate children’s rooms


The children’s rooms are a space that should be cozy and fun. A playground but also to sleep or study. It is the space that children have as theirs at home and this must be seen in the decoration, without leaving aside the importance of creating a space that is functional.

We are going to see a few inspirations to decorate the children’s rooms in different styles but also with all the elements that they need. Do not forget the small details, such as textiles or children’s decorative pieces.

Children’s room with study area

In the rooms of the youngest still do not think about the time of the study, but the truth is that sooner or later we will have to add a desk to do their homework. In many sets of children’s furniture the entire space is sold with storage furniture, beds, and desk. And this way, we save ourselves by looking for everything separately.

Game’s zone

What is almost always added in children’s rooms is a playground, if we do not have another room for them. A play space can be very simple, with a large carpet to play on the floor and a table with small chairs to paint. If you like to read you have to add a nice reading corner and you have to give them things that keep them busy, such as blackboards, where they can paint over and over again.

Storage in the nursery

The storage will always be critical in any bedroom. But for them, we can choose things that are nice and fun. These shelves in the shape of houses are a good example. It seems that they simulate an entire city tucked into their room and also add nice pastel colors to the spaces.

Children’s room shared

For shared children’s rooms, we have several possibilities. One of them is to buy two or more beds, although this takes up a lot of space. Another idea is to add bunk beds, which we find in beautiful designs. It is also possible to use the trundle beds, which are hidden when not in use.

Decorative details for the nursery

Children’s rooms can be full of beautiful details. Shelves in the shape of a house, wooden boxes for toys, children’s sheets for walls and cushions with fun shapes there are many things that we can add to make the space much more welcoming.

Children’s textiles

Children’s textiles are always very special. For them, we find a lot of color and prints with characters. The cushions that are trend are sold with shapes, whether of animals or things. Do not forget about the rugs, which can also have incredible children’s designs, and the curtains, which sometimes go with everything.

Children’s theme room

If children like a particular topic we can always stick to one of these themes. This room has a total sailor style, with anchors, boats, lighthouses, and portholes. It does not lack detail to please the most intrepid sailors. This is a specific theme, but today you can find rooms inspired by cars, princesses or the forest.

Modern and functional furniture

Many of the children’s rooms we see today are bought complete, with all the furniture and with a functional and space-saving vision. If your house is small, it may be what you need. Some cabinets with built-in bookshelves, trundle beds with drawers even on the stairs and a desk next to the bed. The cheerful touch can always be put into the details.

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