How to decorate chill out terraces


During the summer we want to enjoy the exterior of the house as much as possible. If we have a terrace we will have to make the most of it, so we can create one of those wonderful chills out terraces where the main thing will be to relax. Space chill out at home to keep stress away will always be essential.

The chill out terraces has in common that they are resting spaces, but within this, we can add many different elements and styles. To make the environment completely comfortable, do not forget about lighting, textiles or having a shadow area.

Textiles for the terrace

If something we cannot forget is the textiles for the terrace. These dress everything and provide that warmth that needs a chill out area. With total white textiles, we can create a beautiful Ibiza style, but we also have other ideas, such as those with Arabic style, with rugs, puffs, and wide cushions.

Lighting on the terrace

These terraces are used both by day and by night, so you can not miss a good lighting that brings a touch of warmth to everything. This lighting is usually dim because it is much more relaxing. Garlands with light bulbs are a great idea and we can also put them in the areas that we want to illuminate.

Another option that can be complementary to the garlands is the candles in lanterns. Candles always bring a romantic and delicate touch, very relaxing, so they are the perfect lighting for a chill-out area, especially when it gets darker.

Pool for the chill out area

A pool area is another great idea to create a chill-out space. On a terrace, there may be a small pool, but it is certainly the final touch to have the relaxation area in summer. With hammocks or areas to rest nearby, we have the perfect pool. These also have a nice Ibiza touch with the white tones of the typical whitewashed walls.

Shaded areas with pergolas

On every terrace we will need shaded areas for the central hours of the day, since being in the sun is not healthy or pleasant. That is why we propose some beautiful pergolas where vine plants have been added to provide more shade. This gives everything a more casual look since it seems that we are in the middle of nature, and brings color to the whole, especially if we choose beautiful colorful flowers.

Terraces in the middle of nature

If you like nature you can always add pots and plants to your terrace. These give it a more relaxing air, since being in nature is always. It is possible to make a vertical garden on the walls, filling them with plants, with wooden boxes, pallets, and other ideas. In addition, we can include colorful flowers in discreet boho glass vases and even a small tree. In the pergolas, as we have seen, the vines are better.

Low-cost chill out ideas

It is possible to make a chill-out terrace with a low-cost budget and not too much space. These terraces are small but have known to take advantage of every corner with good ideas that are also not very expensive. The pallets appear once again as protagonists creating wide exterior sofas that make the corner. To the pallets you just have to add some pretty and soft cushions, blankets and backs to get the perfect sofa. On the other hand, you have to include small details, such as a nice rug, some rattan puffs, a simple coffee table, and plants. The garlands with small LED lights also appear to put the decorative spot.

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