How to decorate rustic bathrooms


The rustic bathrooms have that old touch, with a look at the past and an exclusive simplicity. A good combination of details that make it more than unique. So, they can always become a real option for our house. It seems that the inspiration in the field and nature is what gives them such beauty.

So, if you were thinking of decorating rustic bathrooms, here we are going to leave you the best steps to take into account. The materials to consider with one of the great bases for this type of decoration. You can make the furniture, the floors, and even the walls; have everything necessary for an interior like this to have its own light.

How to decorate rustic bathrooms, materials

Simplicity is something that should predominate in rustic bathrooms. In broad strokes, we can say that the lines are rounded and much softer. Of course, they do not have those geometric shapes that we can find in other styles. Based on this, the main materials that we will find are both stone and wood. In both cases, we will achieve thanks to them, a much more welcoming and warm environment. Nor we will forget the granite, marble, and conglomerate. All of them you can combine with wood. Of course, we must bear in mind that in a place like this the humidity will be present.

Hence we have to have a little care in this matter. It is best to always opt for a wood that is water resistant or hydrophobic. But if you do not get it, you can also make it waterproof. In what way? by adding a kind of special varnish for this type of rooms. Sometimes we also see how bamboo has great prominence in the bathrooms. So, it is another option to consider.

Perfect colors in rustic bathrooms

If before we mentioned the simplicity in its forms, in the colors it would not be less. It also follows the same style. Hence, they tend to be always warm. The shades in brown, beige and other are great options. Although, depending on the style you give, you can also get carried away by a darker touch in the form of wenge brown or chocolate. Although if it is a small bathroom it is always better to make a combination of light colors. Thus, the luminosity as the amplitude will create a greater effect.

Key pieces in a rustic bathroom

One of the key pieces of a bathroom with rustic style is the bathtub. In this case, we can choose one that has legs and that brings that classic touch that we like so much. In fact, there are many bathroom collections that really do have modern versions and a piece like this one. They are perfect for a somewhat spacious bathroom. Although it is necessary for the bathrooms of today, when a bathtub of this type goes, we do not need screens.

On the other hand, if we think about the sink, we can also create a unique effect. For this, we can recycle old wooden furniture and turn it into this basic piece of every bathroom. Although wood, as we say, is paramount, you can also choose granite or stone in this case. The mirrors also have to go according to an environment like this. That’s why we have to dig deep into our grandparents’ house. The vintage style will be key in the details! In terms of lighting, it is also important that you opt for large lamps if your bathroom is too.

But, you can let yourself be carried away by small spotlights, in the area of the walls, ceiling or well, next to the mirror. Finally, remember that also the small decorative details will give much meaning to such an environment. Choose painted ceramic knobs; decorate with baskets and all kinds of elements that complete your best rustic decor.

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