How to decorate small bathrooms


The small bathrooms always have the problem of lack of space, but decoration and decorative tricks help us create bathrooms that do not seem so small, even if they are. Not only must we learn to make the most of the space, but we must also consider how we can make a small place more welcoming and visually more spacious.

We will talk about how to decorate small bathrooms considering their limitations. From the lack of storage to that feeling of lack of space. The bathrooms with a few square meters can be equally cozy and warm if we know how to decorate them.

The magic of white color

If your bathroom is especially small and also lacks natural light, the best you can do is use white. This color makes everything look much wider since it brings a lot of light. It is the best tone to create a small bathroom. It may seem a little boring, but a white bath is ideal since we can add any type of color with the textiles, thus changing the look of the bathroom easily.

Uses touches of colorcolor

These baths can also have color, but as they are small it is better to do it in small brush strokes. Color accessories, matching towels or a toilet that adds a colorful touch. In addition, it is always better to opt for clear tones, which do not diminish the space’s luminosity, than for darker and more intense colors.

Increase lighting

A small bathroom may look larger in white, but this will fail if we do not have good lighting. If you have natural light much better, but many bathrooms do not have windows, so we must add good lighting points to enjoy a space that is clear and pleasant.

Functional storageFunctional storage

Another issue that often worries those who have a small bathroom is storage. This must be very functional. One of the things that are done is to add a piece of furniture under the sink, so as not to obstruct the passage area. It is also possible to add shelving or a closet in some area. We must have a minimum storage space to have everything sorted. We can also help with the storage baskets with wheels, which are also very versatile and can move when we have to clean.

Create warmth with textiles

A small bathroom can be very cozy if we also dress it correctly with textiles. A good carpet for the bathroom in light colors can help, but also the choice of bathrobes and towels that add color. Many textiles are not used in the bathroom, but those that we use must be combined with the decoration so that the sensation inside the bathroom is that everything is coordinated.

Shower at ground level

This is a great solution for small bathrooms. A bathtub is quite a space, especially if it is exempt, as there are gaps that can not be used. These bathtubs are better for bathrooms that have a large amplitude. The walk-in showers are the best solution for small bathrooms, as they allow us to give continuity to the floor, with a feeling that everything is wider, and that the bathroom is not cut in the shower area. In addition, these showers are much more comfortable and easier to clean than those of the dish.

Organize to avoid chaos

A bath in chaos, full of things, seems much smaller than it is. So it is essential to avoid clutter and the accumulation of things in small bathrooms. It is always better to have our things stored, or to add a basket, a trolley with wheels or something that helps us keep everything always well stored.

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