How to decorate the cozy rustic halls


The rustic halls style is always welcoming, with that use of wood and its field appearance. If we also have a house in a field or rural area is the best possible style, and we do not have to think that it is something old-fashioned, because this rustic style has been evolving over time but without losing its essence.

The rustic halls rooms have common characteristics that give that special touch and we will focus on them. Within this, we can make changes and give a touch more classic or more modern that depends on the tastes of each person.

Wooden furniture

Wooden furniture is one of the keys in any rustic halls space. This wood usually has a medium or dark tone, since lighter woods are often used in styles such as Nordic. This furniture can have a classic or rustic look, but too minimalist furniture is avoided. Those with a robust appearance are better. If they also have that touch of unfinished wood and completely rustic, they are still more authentic.

A cozy fireplace

In many of the rooms of the rustic hall, there is also room to add a cozy fireplace that brings warmth in winter. It is undoubtedly a great element for rustic spaces, but you have to choose well the fireplace since it must have an aspect that combines well with the living room. In general, stone fronts are often used to give that rustic touch, although the fireplace is electric, with some logs of wood to give authenticity to everything.

Walls in natural stone

If we do not add the stone in the front of the fireplace we can always include a wall in this material. No doubt the facades and stone walls have been revalued much in recent years and although it is not a real stone wall can be covered with natural stone of rustic appearance to give it that look. The trick is to mix materials, with wooden furniture, a single stone wall, other whitewashed and soft textiles, so that the atmosphere is not overloaded but cozy.

Wood beams to the air

This is another classic of rustic houses, with exposed wooden beams. In the old houses that were made with these beams, you only have to leave them uncovered, but more and more people add them as props in the salons and other rooms to give an old-fashioned touch to the house that combines well with the rustic world and the vintage and classic styles. It is an element that attracts a lot of attention, so you have to think carefully if we are really going to add this to our home.

Warm tones

Warm tones are almost always chosen for rustic environments because they are best combined with wooden furniture, stone walls or fireplace. That is why it is common to see shades such as light beige to give light, oranges, browns and toasted. This does not mean that we cannot add another tone to this style to refresh the atmosphere in summer, such as blue tones, but it is the most usual and typical.

Rustic textiles

There are some textiles that are presented as typically rustic, so if we want to go to the extreme and give a classic style to all we can add them. We refer to textiles with plaid prints. There really is no other textile that mimics more with the rustic atmosphere than the paintings, although we can also add floral patterns for a more romantic style.

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