How to decorate with little money


Decorating with little money is also possible. What happens is that we always have in mind that renovating our rooms may be more expensive than we think. Something that perhaps we are not very misguided but today, you will see that there is also another series of ideas perfect for our pockets.

Because we do not need to get into those big expenses to give a new look to our home. Decorate with little money always a great idea and very affordable. Not only on the subject of saving but also on the subject of imagination. Since she will also be present to create a unique and perfect interior. Do you want to get it?

Decorate with little money using pallets

One of the great ideas to decorate with little money is this. It’s about using the pallets at your whim. That is to say, these wooden structures will allow us to create all kinds of furniture. This is where the imagination comes in that we mentioned before. On the one hand, you can make a bed structure. Of course, a sofa is not an idea to discard, since you will cover it with cushions and you can create your own style. Coffee tables are also another option left by the pallets. It is one of the cheapest ideas we have at our disposal.pallets

Original and recycled shelves

In the vast majority of houses, we need more options for storage. Because the rooms are too small for us because we always have more than we think. We will know this when we move! Therefore, we must take advantage of the walls to place original shelves. Both in the children’s bedroom, as in the main bedroom or even in the bathroom and kitchen. The fruit boxes they can be one of those great decorating ideas. You can leave them like this, with touches of brown for a rustic style or paint them in colors to add the most current touch. For the kitchen, you can opt for a shelf where the glass boats are protagonists. Add a sticker on each of them, indicating what they contain. With only horizontal shelves we can also let the imagination fly.recycled shelves

Vinyl or wallpaper

Undoubtedly, vinyl’s are basic to decorate. Because they give a lot of personality to any boring wall. Although it may not seem like it, they can do more for our decoration than we imagine. We can place it in the rooms but also in the doors, in living rooms or in the kitchen in one of the cupboards or refrigerator.

Of course, the wallpaper also allows us to decorate with little money. In this case, imagine the main wall of the bedroom on which will fall anywhere in the world or that forest where it seems that fantasy is always real. Because there are many ideas that are reflected, as a photo, on a paper like that.Chalkboard paint

Chalkboard paint

It is not a very expensive option and of course, it will give us the originals we need when we think of decorating with little money. In this case, we will have to buy a boat of slate paint. That is black paint on which we can then write with chalk. Of course, remember that being a dark color, it is best to opt for small walls or areas that have enough light. The kitchen is usually one of the best places for her, but only you decide.

Tape ‘Washi Tape’

If you have a piece of furniture that is no longer in good condition in sight, but still gives you the use, then think of some idea to renew it. If we do not want to spend a lot of time with him, there is always a quick solution. The decorative ribbon called ‘Washi Tape’ may be your best idea. Because you can cover tables, chairs or well, draw some lines on the wall to make your room look different. Without a doubt, it is another of the ideas to decorate with little money that we must take into account.

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