How to decorate your bathroom with dark colors


Although until a few years ago it did not look good to decorate a particular room of the house with too dark colors, nowadays Moody decoration is a trend that opts for dark colors when decorating different areas of the house as it is the case of the bathroom. The dark spaces are relaxing and help to give a really interesting personal touch.

Do not miss details of the best ideas to decorate the bathroom by using dark and dark colors that will allow you to create an ideal place where you can escape from the problems of everyday life and relax peacefully.

In case you decide to give a really different touch to your bathroom and choose to decorate it with dark colors, you should know that there are a number of decorative styles that are perfect when using shades darker than normal. Styles like the industrialist or the minimalist are perfect when deciding on dark and dark colors. Then I will give you a series of ideas that are perfect to get a dark and current bathroom.dark colors

Once you have the style in mind you can start by choosing colors such as dark gray or black to decorate the bathroom tiles. As for the countertops you can choose the wood and if your economy allows you can choose some black marble that will help give a unique and modern touch to the bathroom. In this room, you can not miss a mirror because it is a compliment that allows you to expand the entire visual space of the place. If you decide to decorate with dark colors, light is essential to illuminate the entire space so you should not forget to put lights in the mirror area and drawers.dark colors

The entire shower area can be decorated with dark tiles and opt for a minimalist style in the rest of the bathroom. Another perfect decoration for the walls can be the dark concrete since in addition to combining perfectly with a darker decoration it is quite durable. If you are lucky enough to have a good bathtub you can get a copper with a vintage touch or a black stone and create a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere throughout the bathroom.

As with the mirror, the plants are another type of accessories that fit perfectly into an area of the house such as the bathroom. You can use copper pots to get them to match perfectly with the dark tone of the bathroom. Do not forget to use natural materials such as stone or marble and give a little life and joy to the whole space. It is important to use colors such as light gray or white for the pavement or ceilings in order to maximize the bathroom space as much as possible. Black combines perfectly with white as it helps create a series of really interesting contrasts throughout the bathroom.

As you have seen, it is good to risk a little and add dark colors when decorating the bathroom at home. It is essential to remember not to abuse too much of these colors because you can create a stay too claustrophobic and oppressive in which you can not enjoy a wonderful bath. A good combination of colors and materials will help you to have a rather elegant and relaxing bath in which to spend a good time dedicated to personal hygiene.

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