How to decorate your terrace spending less money


The terrace is one of the most pleasant places in the house to spend part of our free time, especially in the spring and summer months. But without a doubt, this small space is much more comfortable and beautiful when it is well decorated. The problem is that in many cases decorating the terrace with little budget seems impossible. So that you do not give up this luxury and place of rest in your home as you deserve, we will check some tricks to decorate a terrace with little money and to become that space so endearing that we all look for.

5 ideas to decorate your terrace on a budget

If you want to give a unique touch to your terrace, maybe you should start by renovating the decoration. However, if you do not have too much budget to leave your beautiful terrace, do not worry because these proposals are going to become your best ally. Take note of the best ideas to decorate your terrace with a reduced budget and you can save so that this stay gives you all the peace you are looking for.

1. Create furniture with pallets

One of the indisputable fashion trends in the decoration of outdoor spaces is the manufacture of furniture with pallets. In addition to giving an unmistakable chill-out touch to your terrace, you will not have to spend a lot of money. For this, you can take advantage of construction pallets and create, for example, a nice sofa for your terrace where one of the pallets in the lower part, and where you place different cushions on the seat part. You can also use the pallets to create an economical and beautiful terrace table, and this table can serve as a special place to have your coffee every time you receive visits at home.

2. Fruit boxes

If you have a few wooden boxes at home, the ones in which the fruit is transported, you can create different decorative elements for your terrace without having to spend a single euro. These boxes can be used to create small side tables, beautiful drawers that you can hang on the wall as a shelf, even a nice corner to place your favorite flowers and pots.

3. Tree trunks

If you have the opportunity to go hiking to the mountain, you can pick up all those tree trunks that you find along the way, and use them to make beautiful and original terrace furniture. If the trunk, for example, is wide enough, you can cut it and make a small side table very economical for your terrace where you can have a nice coffee or place your favorite plant and decorate your terrace. Also, if you add a comfortable cushion to the base of the trunk, you can create a fun and practical stool.

4. Paint

In addition to making new furniture for very little money for your terrace as the ideas we have told you before, you can give a new air to your terrace, simply using a little low-cost painting. Some ideas to get that new air for your terrace may be to paint the furniture to make it look like new. You can also paint the pots and add a touch of color and fun to the terrace. If you choose polka dots, drawings, and fun phrases, the pots will give your terrace a very special look. Also, you can completely renew this space if you choose to paint some of the walls of the terrace with cheerful color and in which the rays of the sun are well reflected.

5. Fabrics and curtains

The fabrics and curtains can also give a different touch to any terrace and do not have to spend a lot of money. For example, a simple idea and with which you can make your terrace cozier is to use the fabric of traveling costumes and line one of the walls, so that you give a colorful and fun touch to the terrace. You can also place scraps or fabrics that you no longer use on the terrace furniture or create a nice tablecloth or an awning to protect you from the sun on summer days.

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