How to decorating with candles


Decorating with candles is an economic and simple option that can bring great warmth to the home. Therefore, it is one of the most special decorative details. With a little imagination, we can create an original decoration and for all the rooms of our home.

Well bet on the most intimate environment or well, to provide a bit of good smell to each stay. Because candles can do this for decoration and much more. So, if you want to know how to decorate with candles and get carried away by some ideas, discover everything we have for you.

Why decorate with candles?

Let’s start with a fairly simple question. The idea of decorating with candles is because it adds a more elegant touch to our home. But not happy with it, it is also a trick to make each room more intimate and cozy. In addition, they are also perfect to put more light in certain places, without having to spend more on lamps or bulbs. Therefore, we must take it into account when we want to give more prominence to a specific place. In addition to relaxing our senses, they can also activate them slightly if we opt for scented candles.candles

How to decorate with candles

You can decorate both the living room and the bathrooms. We must always choose the room and a good place to place them. That they are always fixed surfaces, to obtain that there is no problem with the candles. Of course then, depending on that place we have chosen or the room, then we can create different styles.

Centerpieces: As the name suggests, they are perfect for the living room or dining room tables. You can place them when you have a visitor for a dinner. The centerpieces are usually colorful. You can choose a tray and place in its small glass containers containing candles. Of course, you can also choose some thick candles and go decorating them with flowers or colored balls in the part of the base. One of the ideas that always triumph is to surround the candle, fixing cinnamon sticks. In this way, you will have a centerpiece with a smell.candles

Lanterns for the terrace: They are also perfect for outdoor areas. Therefore, you can always choose small glass cups. Place small, round candles inside and place them together at the key points of your terrace.

Tall glasses: Without doubt again the crystal is the protagonist. All kinds of tall glasses or glasses will serve to place candles in them. You can cover the base of them with a thick candle or, several rounds and small. It will always be a function of space. You can fill it with some sand, leaves or shells from the beach, for a more summery style.candles

Tray with asymmetric candles: To add originality to any corner of your home, do not miss this idea. You can place a tray and inside it, a little sand or small stones. Now, you need two or three candles of different heights and you will see how well they combine.

A glass, candelabra: We forget the old chandeliers to welcome you to the most modern. You’ll have one in a matter of seconds. You just have to put a cup upside down. Yes, your foot will be up, making the base for around candle. You can decorate with some flower and that’s it.

Floating candles: Another of the styles that most like, are floating candles. To do this, nothing like a transparent container with water and place them on it. In addition, you can add some colorful flowers for a more impressive finish.

You can recycle all kinds of containers because the candles will be molded to them. Glass jars and even yogurt containers will be perfect bases. As long as we can complete them with flowers or bows. You will see how decorating with candles can get to give you much more than you thought.

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