How to decorating with photos, great ideas for your home


Decorating with photos can be one of the most creative ideas in our hands. Because as we know, if the decoration itself is a very important subject, when it comes to the images, even more. Photos always bring us closer to smiles and memories, two ideas that have to be in our home.

That is why today we have selected new ideas to decorate all the corners of your house with photos. If you want and need some original ideas, no doubt here you will get them. Go collecting all the photos you want to see hanging on your wall because we started!

Decorate the corners of your house with photos

Sometimes the corners of a room or the stairs can be a bit bland. Because we try to take advantage of the part of the wall and forget about this small hole. A gap that can give us many joys if we know how to play with our options. So, we must choose a corner and the boxes that we are going to place in it. You can choose to have the same frame in simple lines. But in this case, the forms will be mixed. That is both vertical and horizontal frames. You will have the most striking and original!decorating with photos

Photos in the form of magazines

When we talk about decorating with photos, they do not always have to be our or our family’s pictures. Sometimes, we do not want all of them to come to light in every room. Hence, you can let your imagination fly. If you are passionate about magazines or the covers of the same and fashion, you can always go in this direction. You can frame them and of course, place them horizontally on the wall. You will create a corner full of the trend!

Shelves and shelves with photographs

If you do not like that they are located on the wall, then there is another option also striking. You can place shelves or horizontal shelves. Above them, nothing likes to pose images with their respective frames. In this case, it will always depend on the decoration you have chosen, since you can combine these frames or choose them all in the same color and shape. As we say, you have to mold these details to what you like most and what goes with the style of the room.celebrity photos

Your private corner with celebrity photos

Before we mentioned magazines and fashion in general. In this case, we are left with the images of the celebrities. They are another clear trend to decorate the walls. In this almost, if you have a room or study, it will be a great idea. To do this, you can frame several images of your favorite actors or singers. They can all be in the same color and with the same frame so as not to break the harmony of the decoration.

Photo to XXL size

We always talk about decorating with photos and in the plural. But no, sometimes also a single image can be the center of attention of our rooms. Of course, we need to have a large size, with a framework that stands out to make it main. You can place it in the living room or in the rooms and entrance of the house. But remember that it goes better in minimalist spaces, where the lines of the furniture are simple and where the crowded place is not. Since only in this way we will be giving the prominence that it deserves.vertical wall

Small photos for a vertical wall

Of course, also vertical walls and small deserve a good tribute. In this case, they will also be small images that are placed in them. You can do it as a mural, side by side and create a special finish for those places where you can hardly enter another type of decoration that is not. Why do you choose?

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