How to gain luminosity in a small house


Does your house have little light? If you want to enhance the brightness of your home and your home is small you should know that there are some tricks that will help you get the most out of it. You do not need to get into works to make windows or expand existing ones but, simply, with some tricks of decoration and organization of points of light. You can improve the lighting of your house. If you have asked yourself what to do to make a small house more light keep reading because here we offer you a list with the best tips to make your home look much brighter and, therefore, much more welcoming.

Tips to gain luminosity in small rooms

In order to make your home better illuminated, you must pay attention to different tricks that optimize the light installations you may have. It is important to make the most of the natural light that enters your home and, therefore, we will find out what to do to make a house lighter. Take note!

Do not hinder natural light

First of all, is that we must prevent the light that enters us (even if it is little) can be distributed perfectly throughout our stay? Therefore, avoid filling the room with obstacles that hinder the passage of light and allows the distribution of it. That said, the best thing you can do is.

Remove bulky furniture that may be in front of doors and windows

Remove fabrics or decorative objects that may be next to the window and blocking the flow of light

Do not use curtains or, failing that. Use curtains that are made with light materials that allow the passage of light

More diaphanous spaces to improve lighting

Filling your house with doors will only split the house into different small and dark rooms. For that reason, if you want your house to have more light it is important that you start to consider the option of removing the doors and opt for a “loft” type floor that for example could connect the kitchen with the living room. Because it will allow the light to flood better the whole stay. You can also choose to install sliding doors, for example, or to create separations with glass that will let the light penetrate.

Decorate in white

Another of the best ideas if you want your home to look brighter is to avoid decorating it with strong or strident colors. In fact, the best option to give more light to a home is to paint the walls in white so that. So, the little light that enters the house is reflected in these walls and, therefore, our home looks brighter. In addition, this will make your home a much more welcoming, cleaner home. Therefore, it is recommended that both the paint on the walls and the kitchen coatings be white and, thus. Get an illuminating effect throughout your home.

Decorate with mirrors to illuminate your home better

There is no more suitable decorative object to get a house with more light than mirrors. And the mirrors will allow you to redistribute better the lighting of your home as it will act as a reflective. In addition, the mirror also manages to generate an optical effect to emulate larger spaces with greater light. Therefore, place mirrors on the walls of your house, especially in the darkest or most isolated areas. Opt for mirrors that are large and try to be in front of windows or doors, so, receive light and distribute.

The importance of lighting

And another trick to make your house look brighter is the points of light you have at home. The lamps with regulators are ideal to create different environments in your home. It is also recommended to opt for auxiliary lamps, indirect or decorative lamps that, in the end. Will generate a specific atmosphere for each occasion.

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