How to give a different touch to our sofa


Our living room sofa is like that little “friend” who welcomes us when we are most tired … We arrive home tired all day and he is the one who comforts us in his warm and comfortable embrace. However, there are times that our sofa does not look like it should, especially during the day when we fix the room and leave everything perfect to live a new day in it.

If you want to give a different touch to your living room sofa so that it is better and more decorated, we present some ideas to do it. Go pointing!


Sometimes, especially if we have a light colored sofa, we decided to put a cover to protect it from dirt and dust. However, a nice cover and different colors can make the sofa quite happy. It also helps to change their appearance and make the room look different when we put one or the other.

And if you do not like the covers, you can re-upholster it. Do not wait for it to wear or break, to give a different touch is always on time.

Cushions and blanketsliving room

And every sofa has to have its corresponding cushions. Choose tones that go well with the colors of the sofa and the curtains. Choose another neutral tone to break with those colors and give it a different contrast. Or on the contrary, if you like to innovate and you are not afraid of bright colors, choose cushions with electric colors or illustrations. Always in harmony with the rest of the decoration of the living-dining room.

Add a blanket on one side, not only warm you when the coldest days arrive but also decorate a lot and give a warm touch to the room. A textile accessory that will go great for your sofa.

And you, how do you have decorated the room in which we spend more time a day? Is your sofa colorful or neutral? What is your favorite pattern for cushions and blankets?

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