How to hang pictures without holes


Because you do not always want to have to make a hole in the wall. Since there are so many decorative ideas that we have, we cannot afford to go bored every corner of our house. Therefore, if you want to know how to hang boxes without holes, today we give you several options.

Thus, you can change them when you want without having to cover the holes they leave. Because hanging pictures without a hole are much simpler than you think. You only need a few tricks and your walls will neither have to suffer nor you nor for the painting. Are you ready to discover it?

Hang boxes without holes with double-sided tape

The double-sided tape is one of the best options for hanging pictures without holes. There is a great variety depending on the weight of the painting in question. But in your hardware store or DIY store, you will find a special ribbon for pictures. So, you just have to paste it first through the back of our paintings and then against the wall. It has no major complication!. Of course, make sure the wall is clean before placement.

Adhesive paste for paintings

There is a kind of paste or putty that is adhesive. They come in envelopes where you can cut small pieces. These pieces will be the ones that help you to paste the pictures against the wall. Of course, in this case, we will not hang very heavy boxes. If you see that maybe they are not subject at all or well, it does not give you much confidence you can always add more paste or putty to the back of the box and not just in its corners. When you want to remove the boxes, you can reuse the putty for what you prefer. Another one of the simple and fast methods.

Adhesive hangers

Surely in your house, you already have this type of hangers. Because both in the rooms, behind the doors, or in the bathrooms, they always take us out of a hurry. It is the typical plastic hanger that has an adhesive on the back. It is true that a lot of weight cannot stand, but the simplest pictures do. Although they are usually quite broad, it is only a matter of choosing a model that does not excel too much. More than anything because it may not be quite right when we hang the painting. The idea is given, now we only have to fix it so that it fits perfectly.

Pictures on wooden shelves

Maybe it is not something literal when we talk about hanging pictures without holes, but it is also one of the great ideas we have in interior decoration. It has become very fashionable. Perhaps one of the reasons for this is that we like to change the decoration of our rooms a lot. So for that reason, we should not pierce the wall every moment. So if you already have a shelf or, a shelf, nothing like stand up the boxes. You can combine different sizes as well as frames. An original way to create a stylish decoration.

Water resistant strips

Of course, since not all rooms are the same, we need products for all needs. In this case, we talk about the decoration that is located in the bathroom. If you want to put some picture or ornament, but you do not want to make holes in the tiles, then you have the best solution. You have at your disposal special strips that are resistant to water. Some of these strips can support up to 2 kilos, so, you can hang that detail that you like so much. If it is that as we can see, it is not so necessary to have to drill the walls looking for a perfect decoration. Because we have ideas that are more than suitable according to the type of painting that we are going to place. Which of them have you decided on?

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