How to make a crepe paper flower for Valentine’s Day


The day of lovers is coming, and here you have come looking for that inspiration. And, what better gift than a flower with crepe paper made with our own hands for the occasion.

crepe paperMaterials

  • Crepe paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Brush
  • Branch or wooden stick

Processcrepe paper

  1. We cut 8 or 9 pieces of crepe paper, and divide them into 4 pieces. Two small, and two larger.
  2. We folded the paper, and cut it into the shape of a small petal.
  3. Next, we do the same, with a somewhat larger petal.
  4. Finally, with the two largest pieces, cut one with an even larger petal shape, and another with a heart shape.
  5. The shape of the heart, with the help of a pencil, we roll up, to mold the paper. This is the one that we will start to hit first.
  6. With the help of the brush, we spread the surface of the tip of the glue branch, and place the piece in the shape of a heart. It must be well rolled up.
  7. Once we have the first one, we put two or three more around it, just as we have done with the first one. This time, as we put them, we open the pieces a little, so that they give us slackness and a feeling that the center of the flower opens.
  8. After that, we started by placing the small petals around. To place them, we will cut through the center, if we had not already done so, to place them individually. We will also roll the paper, but instead of the sides, from top to bottom.
  9. After the small ones, place the medium petals, and finally the large ones. The flower should look like the picture, practically the same as a real one.
  10. Cut one or two strips (in the end I only used one) of green crepe paper and cut a crest shape, and another long and smooth.
  11. We place the mullet from top to bottom. To do this, we join the first part with glue, and we roll it to the end, where at the end, we will stick another little glue on it.
  12. The crest, we wind it up, as I show you in the image. You can optionally add sheets with green paper. They are details that give naturalness to the flower.

And we have it! I wanted to make two flowers at the beginning, but when I finished, I liked the idea of presenting only one in bed, surrounded by the petals that were left over. It is an option, a safe bet. You can deliver it along with a box of chocolates; we also know that we will not fail. From here, just wish you have a happy day together!

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