How to order the kitchen pantry


If you like to cook and the area of the house where you spend the most time during the day is the kitchen. It is important that you have a well-ordered and organized pantry to be able to handle it perfectly in that space of the house. This way you have everything at hand and you can prepare different dishes in a fast and efficient way.

Then I will give you a series of tips that will help you to enjoy a perfectly ordered pantry.

It is true that most kitchens are not too big and do not usually have a pantry in which to store different foods and provisions. However, there are no excuses since you can use a small corner of the kitchen. And create a practical pantry to store different products and foods from the kitchen. An excellent option is to use a closet and equip it with drawers and shelves to help you keep the different kitchen appliances.

The main thing when it comes to having a good and wide pantry is to maintain a certain order in it since this way you can save both times. And effort and enjoy much more of the kitchen. It is not necessary to have to the large space when storing food and other supplies that are necessary for the kitchen. Find a place in the kitchen that is fresh and put a small closet to use as a pantry

By having the pantry well organized you can find what you need the first time and it will facilitate the task when cooking and preparing different dishes. Good order will help you to know what you have in the kitchen and what you need to buy. In many cases, the products accumulate and eventually end up expiring, which is a significant loss of money.

When putting the pantry in order, it is important to structure the areas well. In this way, it is advisable to put the products that you do not use often in the upper part of the pantry whereas the ones that you usually use in a habitual way must have them more at hand. So you can put them in the central area of the cupboard. In the lower part of the pantry. You can put heavy objects such as oil or water and baskets with vegetables and greens.

Another way of ordering the pantry is quite practical to do it by type of food. This way you can have an area in which to place everything sweet. In pasta and pulses and in another area condiments or spices. The shelves are key when using a pantry because they will help you organize and classify the food in a clear way. The most advisable is to use cabinets that have different shelves that can be put and removed. So you can put them at the height that suits you and you need.

Nor can boxes be left in the pantry in which to put potatoes, vegetables. Another very useful and practical advice is to put a bottle in which to store different drinks that you usually consume in a habitual way.

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