How to paint a wall


There are some home jobs that we can do ourselves without the need to hire someone because they are things that do not have many complications. We refer for example to the action of painting a wall, which many people find difficult but it really is not. In this post, we will see some of the necessary materials and what we have to do to change the tone of the walls of our home.

To paint a wall we have to think first about the materials we need. Then you have to prepare the area and the walls and paint finally. We will give you some recommendations so that the walls are much better painted as if they passed through the hands of an expert.

Necessary materials

In the room, we must cover the floors and furniture to avoid staining with the paint drops that often splash. The masking tape is key to cover areas such as the door frame or plugs. In addition, we will need putty in case we have cracks and sandpaper to soften the putty. On the other hand, we must buy extendable rollers, which are the most comfortable and some brushes for small areas such as corners.

Prepare the area

One of the most frequent mistakes is not to prepare everything as we should. You have to cover the entire floor and paste bodybuilder tape in the areas that need it. This tape is applied on the edges of the plugs if we do not remove them and in other areas such as the socket if you have it. If in the walls we have cracks or holes for putting pictures, we will have to apply putty to cover, let it dry and give it with the sandpaper until the surface is even. Sometimes it is necessary to make a primer on the walls to take care of them before painting.

Start painting

Choosing paint is not easy, because we can have an idea but then not see it when we have it applied. That’s why the best we can do is taking a small sample and put it on the wall. The paint looks different freshly painted than when it dries, so we should wait. Once dry we can already know if it really is the color we like. As a recommendation, we will say that intense and dark tones should be avoided in small spaces and poorly lit areas. If you cannot find the exact shade, there are paint shops where you can make mixtures with concentrated dyes on the white paint to get a certain Pantone color. There are a large number of colors available and we will only have to choose the one we want to achieve the ideal tone.

To start painting we must put on clothes that we do not mind spoiling because we will most likely end up staining ourselves with paint. We have to paint on one side the corners with a brush and on the other hand, apply the roller on the widest surfaces. Normally it is better to give two coats of paint, allowing the first to dry. A tip that we give you is that you choose a sunny day so that the paint dries faster. It is not a good idea to paint in winter or rain because it takes a long time to dry.

Forms and details

Painting a wall with a smooth tone is quite easy since we only have to take care to extend the paint well and avoid dropping. But there are those who make shapes with paint to achieve surprising effects. One of the ways we have to achieve this is to use ready-made templates, which are placed to paint on them. Another way is to use the bodybuilder’s tape to mark lines or geometric shapes that will divide the different places where the painting goes.

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