How to paint the kitchen tiles


Painting the tiles in the kitchen is a good idea to make a change but without major reforms. Therefore, it becomes one of the great alternatives to be able to give a new air to one of the fundamental stays of our home. You can apply the color that you like most!

But yes, always keeping in mind that you must use a specific paint, the rest of the work is the simplest. Everyone can do it, little money and in a short time. Once finished, you will enjoy a job well done. Do we begin?

How to choose paint for kitchen tiles

It is true that when we want to paint a room, the painting to choose can be a more basic process. Although it is true that there are so many options that sometimes make us a little messed up head. But when tiles are the ones that will carry the color, then we must always buy special enamel tiles. Enamel is nothing other than special paint for them. What happens is that as a difference of the most, its finish is more intense and adheres much better. They are intended for this type of tiles

They have a very uniform finish. What makes us forget the roller marks at the time of extending the product? In addition, you can also choose between glosses, satin or matte finish. Always remember that the more brightness a surface has, the more all kinds of imperfections will appear. Therefore, synthetic oil-based enamels will be brighter than acrylics. Although the latter has a slower drying, they have the advantage that they do not yellow with the passage of time.

How to paint the kitchen tiles

First, we must clean the tiles well. We will do it with soap and water to eliminate any kind of dirt they have. Once clean, dry them with a cloth.

Remember to cover both the countertop and the floor with plastic to prevent the paint from spilling. For the edges, it is always better to resort to the masking tape.

You can apply a layer of bottom sealer or fixer. It is simply for the paint to adhere much better. Let it dry before painting the tiles in the kitchen.

Once dry, apply the tile paint with the help of a roller. Let dry the first hand to give a second. When we have achieved the expected color and result, the kitchen will be ready and gleaming.painting

The advantages of painting for tiles

As we can see, it is a very simple process. You just have to choose the right paint and get down working. In addition, among the great advantages of painting the tiles of the kitchen will be the great renovation that we will have in a very short time. Thanks to the finishes of the painting, we will achieve different colors and brightness, since we will always do it under our taste. In addition, this type of enamels can be washed, are resistant to moisture and the vast majority can be applied directly without another layer of primer.

The truth is that they are not usually used for floor tiles, but are intended only for tiles. As it is said, everything for what it really is. You will not have any type of brand on your tiles, but the advantage is that they look like new. Not only them but also the whole kitchen. It is undoubtedly one of the basic reforms in which we feel like entering because we know that it is something simple and that it does not leave too much work. The usual thing is to leave about five hours between layers.

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