How to take advantage of small receivers


If our home is not very large we may have a very narrow and small reception area. This part of our house is the first that those who enter it see, so it is also an important space that we must take care of, although we do not always give it the importance it deserves.

If we have small receivers at home we will have to adapt to that lack of space and try to take advantage of even the smallest square meter. There are some tricks and tips that we can follow to improve this part of our house.

Receivers in whitesmall receivers

The color white can be a very interesting tone for our home, which is also very fashionable. The color white is a perfect tone to expand the spaces. It is a tendency to have a house that has diaphanous and very bright places, but precisely in the small areas we lack these qualities. The white color makes everything visually wider. We can paint the walls of this tone and add white furniture too. With good lights or natural light that reflects on the white, we will have a bright and welcoming hall.

Mirrors for the entrance

The mirrors are perfect for the reception area for several reasons. One of them is that we can always see each other before leaving home to see if we look good. But it is also that the mirrors fulfill a great function. Increase the amount of light in the spaces and therefore the receivers will appear more spacious and full of light. These mirrors are almost essential in the entrance area. What you can do is add one full body or add several small mirrors that are decorative.

Storage furniture

The fact that our hall is small does not mean that we can not have storage furniture in it. This furniture is really important since it helps us to have everything much tidier, something important for an area like the entrance, where you can not store things without order. This storage furniture is narrow, so they are perfect for small hallways. They also offer some storage, being very practical. Being white does not stand out too much on the walls so they do not seem to saturate the space.

Wood for the entrance

In these receivers, we have some great furniture in light wood. The wood has the great ability to be very cozy and warm, so it is perfect if our hall gives us a cold appearance. In these halls, we find two wooden benches, ideal to be placed to sit or to leave things. Although in these cases we will have to have a receiver that is wide enough to support these banks.

Take advantage of the corners

The corners are almost always areas that are not used and that are left in disuse. If it also happens that these corners are in the entrance, we may have to buy small shelves adapted to them. These corner shelves are used to take advantage of small corners that in the vast majority of cases are unusable. Thus we will have a storage area to leave some things in the area of the entrance.

Small table’s shelf

If we do not have much space, we will almost always be able to use small built-in furniture in the area of the walls. That type of furniture takes up little and allows us to easily clean the area. The shelf tables are for example a large piece of furniture that serves to leave the keys or something that we always have in the area of the entrance. Being that small do not enter many things, but the essentials. In addition, they are usually given a touch with a mirror over them.

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