How to use beauty packages to organize your room


More and more people are joining us to lead a more ecological and responsible life with the environment. And the truth is that there are many tricks that can help us to reduce our environmental impact in a very notorious and sustainable way. One of the ways to make them returning to use the beauty products to decorate because we all have them at home and in the end, we end up throwing them. So that you can lead a greener life we will discover how to use beauty packages to decorate your room with a lot of surprising and different ideas.

Ideas to reuse a container and decorate the bedroom

There are many beauty and personal care products that we use every day: hair shampoo, cologne, eyelash mascara, and so on. But what do we do when these products run out? We throw them! And, no matter how much we throw them in the recycling container, the truth is that there is a more ecological way to deal with these products. Reutilizing them to decorate. Take note of the best ideas so that you can also give new uses of beauty packages. And the best thing is that these are everyday products that we usually have at home and with which you can create new and useful objects for your day by day. Look!

Recycle cologne bottles

Another one of the best uses of beauty packages is what you can give the cologne bottles. These are usually glass bottles that, in addition, usually present an original and aesthetically striking design. So … do not even think about throwing them away! This beauty product can have a second chance because it is ideal to use as diffusers and make your bedroom smell great. In addition, you can use it to make a homemade air freshener or you can place aromatic sticks inside.

Reuse the eye shadows

When the eye shadows are over or you no longer like them, do not choose to throw them away! To reuse an eye shadow clean the container well and you can reuse it to store and store small objects. For example, it is perfect as a modern and different pillbox, it is also ideal for office supplies such as clips, staples, etc.

Recycle shampoo containers

Another of the beauty products that we usually throw away and can be reused is the shampoo container. However, this object can be used for many other purposes in your home before ending up discarding it. For example, you can choose to clean it well, paint it or cover it with decorative paper, and use it as a pretty vase. It can also be an ideal container for your pens or the items you have on the desk.

Reuse the mascara

Surely more than once you’ve gone that, you want to make up your eyelashes, but you realize that the mascara has dried and no longer paints, right? And this is a very common and usual situation. But, instead of acting as we always did, that is, throwing the boat in the trash, now we give you another idea so you can take better advantage of this object: turn it into a comb of eyelashes or eyebrows! It’s easier than you think: you just have to clean it well inside and out and then take advantage of the shape of the brush to improve the shine and appearance of your eyelashes and eyebrows. If you want, you can also incorporate in your interior some essential oils that will help you enhance the beauty of your eyes.

The mask canister

Another use of beauty packages is the one that refers to the particular boat where hair masks are usually sold. This type of product, normally, is presented in a small and rounded box, of a fairly large size. Therefore, when you finish your mask, nothing better than to clean the container well, paint it with paint and then use it as a jeweler for your rings, your bracelets, and so on.

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