Ideas decor for your letter to the Magi


The Magi usually remember us a lot to bring gifts such as clothing, accessories, footwear, toys to children, books, etc., but rarely remember those elements of decoration that would be great for our home.

You are still in time to prepare the letter to the Magi and add some of these deco ideas for your home. And with more reason, if you are currently recently moved to it or thinking about re-decorating it.

Decorative elements to suggest to the Magi

Crockery for days with family: It is normal to have crockery that we use daily and that as a consequence, have some unpinning or some broken corner. It is normal! In all families, it happens … However, it would be convenient, to have another one for those days in which we gather as a family, as it may be for these Christmas dates that we are living right now or for any other celebration. Well, it is a gift that we can request in your letter.Magi

Centerpiece: Every large or central lounge table must have its corresponding centerpiece. As we said before, you can “ask” for a much more elegant one for those more festive days or another more ordinary and normal one if you still do not have any. There are many handmade crafts made with nature’s own: tree leaves, pineapples, tree trunks, twigs, etc.

Design lamp: For that corner of the sofa where we usually sit to read or for that corner of our room where right next to us we have the mirror in which we look when we just get dressed. A different lamp, of design, can make from any corner of the house a special and different place.

Art in the form of painting: A painting that goes well with the color of our walls and furniture, for the living room, for the stairs that go up to our second floor, there are countless paintings! Asking for a painting that looks at our walls could be a good decision if our walls are now half-naked.

Plants: Plants always fill spaces and interiors of green leaves even more. A house with white walls and furniture of total neutral color, cry for indoor plants. You could ask for a couple of them, they are cheap and the Magi will hardly notice the lack of money in their pockets. We also suggest you some bonsai if you like them and you want to start in their special and delicate care.

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