Ideas for decorating with children’s wallpaper


Although they had their less popular time, wallpapers are a rising trend right now and we love this idea since they allow us to make all kinds of designs with the walls. The prints are so varied, with so many themes and colors that it is difficult to opt for one. But what is clear is that children’s wallpaper is a must today for the children’s room.

Let’s take a little inspiration to enjoy some ideas with which to decorate the walls of the nursery. They have a myriad of ideas available, from the most colorful to the soberest, because in the world of children there is room for everything. Enjoy imagining which one you would use in your home.

Educational children’s wallpaper

We start with an idea that will seem ideal for any parent and is that children learn daily and almost everything. It will not be less with its great wallpaper. They are very popular those that imitate globes, in some versions a little more fun for them, with colors, names, and animals, so they can get to know the world and the cities. On the other hand, we can put wallpaper with the letters of the alphabet. They will not get tired of reading them, especially if it is a paper as colorful as this one. In both cases, although it is an educational piece, we have a very decorative paper, where colors and prints are mixed.

Funny wallpaper

In the children’s rooms, you can never miss the funniest theme. In this case, we have a children’s wallpaper full of colors to brighten the walls. The reason we choose will always have a lot to do with the child’s tastes. From jungle animals to airplanes, cars or dinosaurs.

Vintage style walls

In the children’s world, the vintage trend is used a lot to give a different touch to the rooms. From adding furniture to using the trends own colors or beautiful wallpapers that are inspired by the vintage world. They always have a lot of charm and often use warm and soft colors, with beautiful illustrations that decorate the walls.

Sober children’s wallpaper

Although the usual thing is to add a lot of color to the children’s room, the truth is that we also have some ideas that are more sober and elegant. These wallpapers are very beautiful and decorative, with large patterns in the form of stars and drops and only two colors. It is the ideal background to decorate with pastel tones or in Nordic or minimalist environments.

Nordic style on the walls

The Nordic style is closely linked to sober and simple walls. In this case, the background is white and the motifs are small, but they do not stop being decorative. These spaces are always very clear, with furniture of basic shapes and the latest decorative trends.

Natural inspiration on the walls

There are never any natural touches in children’s rooms. Children love animals and nature, so we can take a piece of it to their room. With these papers, we will enjoy a field of colorful flowers or green cactus that decorates everything. It’s like having spring tucked into our own house.

How to decorate with children’s wallpaper

The children’s wallpaper can be a good starting point to decorate the rest of the children’s room. These papers provide base colors and a style on which to build the rest of the decoration. It is important to decide first what the paper will be and to use furniture that is simple, avoiding adding too many prints that will take prominence from the walls.

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