Ideas that will inspire you to apply the gradient in your decoration


The degrading effect in decoration is one of the most creative and original styles. If you want to give that personal touch to your home, you can not miss an idea like this. Because in addition to being able to choose the colors that you like, you can always combine them both in walls, furniture or textiles.

It is a very simple technique to carry it out. It is also said that it is one of the most beautiful because of the result it offers. To forget about those boring stays, nothing like bringing a little color but always with the degrading effect in between. You will see how beautiful your house is!

What is the degrading effect in decoration?

We speak with total confidence and perhaps, you still do not know for sure what it symbolizes. Well, the degrading effect is also what is known as. It is a way to combine several tones to achieve a gradual change. There are many possibilities that you can take into account.

You can play with two or three colors, as well as with the always basic white color. What is advised is to opt for pastel colors, since in this way, the effect will be softer. We choose a color and three shades of it, which will go from the darkest to the lightest. As we say, you can always end up with a white color. The order, you put it. That is, you can start with the darkest to the lightest tone or vice versa.

Gradient effect on walls

To give more light to the walls, nothing likes opting for a gradient. If you have a small room, it is best to use light colors. Although it is wide and you want a stylish finish, you will also choose them. The first step to take is to choose three shades of the same color. As we have said, they will be different tonalities, since one is a little darker than the others.

There are many ways to get down to work. One of the simplest is to delimit three horizontal zones on the wall. You can do it with chalk or marker. You will paint in the lower part the darker tone, in the middle part of the clear and for the upper one; we leave the lightest tone of all or the white according to your choice. Before the paint dries, we should blur the edges where we had marked with chalk. For this, we use a dry brush. Thus, the lines that each color has left us will not be noticed, but we will see the wall in a uniform way.

Degraded furniture

You do not have to buy them; you can also paint them yourself. A way to recycle old furniture, which always comes in handy. For this, the technique can still be simpler than the previous one. Especially when we talk about furniture that has drawers. Each of them will be painted in a lighter tone than the previous one to create the effect. Again, you just have to choose a single color.

For tables or chairs, you can also mark parts and paint each of them, having to blur so that these parts or stripes are not marked. If you have a set of chairs that you do not use, you can paint each of them in atonality, instead of using several shades on each chair. You will see the creative effect of placing them around the table!

Textiles with a lot of colors

In the same way, we do not forget the textiles in our decoration. They are always important as it happens with the comforters in the rooms, the cushions in the living room or the curtains in the vast majority of the rooms. For each and every one of them can also have a touch of color with ‘Ombre’ effect. It seems that the color has been installed in your home and will provide more light and style. Do not you think so?

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