Ideas to combine colors in decoration


We usually let go when it comes to combining colors in decoration. Because sometimes what we do is opt for our tastes and also for the environment we have. But it is true that there is always a series of more technical steps that it is worth knowing.

In addition to the well known chromatic circle, where we can see all the colors and their combinations, we can also focus on the type of furniture and even the decorative finish we need in the relaxed, minimalist or more current and colorful. Discover which the best options are!

The wide monochromatic range to combine the colors in decoration

One of the most frequent ways to combine colors in decoration is this. It is about betting on the monochromatic range. We will take one of the colors that we like the most, such as green. This will be the basis of our decoration and we will combine it with different shades of the same color. That is, we can paint the walls of very light color and add textiles or decorative details in green fern, olive green or moss, and mint that are some of the best known. Always remember that when a room is smaller, you have to try to reach a balance, where basic colors such as white are always present.

Gray, white or pink color for light-colored furniture

If you have furniture in very light wood or intermediate color, you can bet on different shades, it’s true. That is, all the colors that will be seen in the room will be as varied. But if we want a calm environment with Nordic brushstrokes and with a lot of styles, then we should bet on colors like gray or light pink. It is a sure bet towards that subtle and elegant touch that we mentioned.

Combine the colors in decoration to add harmony to space

On the other hand, there is a new combination of colors that you will love. It is a combination that in this case allows us to choose three of the colors that are in the chromatic circle, but beware; there have to be three that are next to each other. For example, you can choose green, as well as yellow and orange. Of course, we will have a most striking result, so it is always necessary to think about balance and add colors only in the form of brushstrokes, in most cases.combines with dark wood

Blue combines with dark wood

As we say, there are many ways to combine colors. Another of the same is this and it is all those rooms that have furniture in darker tones. Without a doubt, if there is a color that goes perfectly with them, it is blue. It always becomes one of the great favorites, more than anything because it has that relaxing air that we all like and more when it comes to bedrooms. But it is also that we will achieve great harmony and a sense of calm that we really need. Of course, as we are seeing, we can also bet on a wide range of blue tones. That is why if the stay is large, we can make a mix of them, but if it is small, it is best to opt for the clearest range and give more light than we expect.

The complementary colors

They are called like that because returning to the chromatic circle they are facing each other. That is why in this case we can combine colors such as yellow and mauve or, orange with blue. Of course, remember that ideas can come out of the most explosive and we must have that care that tells us that we will only use them as a brushstroke. If you use them in textiles, you will give more light to each room.

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