Ideas to decorate a kitchen with office


A kitchen with an office is a kitchen where you can sit down for breakfast or enjoy a light dinner. It will provide a space in which to eat daily and share different moments with the family. Who of you never did your homework at the kitchen table?

The kitchens with office become an important space in family life. And it is not necessary to have an immense kitchen to integrate an office. Much more necessary than having a large space is to make good use of it. Do you need ideas to decorate a kitchen with an office? We give them to you

Some years ago, the kitchens with office included a table with chairs large enough to accommodate all the members of the family. Today the idea remains the same today, however, it is usual to replace traditional tables with a bar with stools or an extension on the island that serves as a table.

Kitchen with table

You can equip your office kitchen incorporating a table with chairs in the design of it. Is your kitchen large enough to separate the work area from the office? If so, congratulations! Your alternatives multiply. When meters are not a problem, creating a small dining area separate from the work area becomes your best option.

You can separate the dining room from the work area with a peninsula. In this way, you will get an intimate space in which to place a table, chairs or a bench. Banks are a great idea to take advantage of the space next to the wall. There are also banks with storage space, something that never hurts in the kitchen.

Is not the kitchen too big? Bet on cabinets with very clean lines in light tones and a dining area that solves the daily meals of the family of the same color. Are you afraid that it will be unwelcoming? Break the white with a light wooden table.

A table as a continuation of the island

The decoration publishers have surrendered to the idea of conceiving the table as a continuation of that element that everyone wants in their kitchen, the island. A novel idea that we love, but for which it is necessary to have if not a great kitchen, a long kitchen.

If we look for a more minimalist style, using the same material in both elements will help us achieve it. We, however, find it more interesting to create a certain contrast between the island and the table, using different materials, different textures.

Bars and islands with high stools

This is our third alternative. Whoever is in the last place is not casual and has an explanation: we find it hard to think that an island or bar with tall stools can match the comfort of a traditional table with chairs where your feet rest on the floor.

The bars and islands with high stools provide us with a place to have breakfast or a light dinner every day, that is undeniable. They also allow us to enjoy the company of others while we cook. However, they do not provide us with a space as comfortable as the previous proposals to enjoy great meals that we are so accustomed to in our culture.

As you have seen, a kitchen with an office admits different alternatives. The choice of one or the other will depend on the space available in the kitchen, the budget you use to design this space and your lifestyle. If you do not usually eat at home, you probably do not see the need to have a large table in the kitchen. Or maybe you prefer to use the dining room daily and reserve the kitchen only as a work area.

Whatever your choice, it seemed important to show you the different ideas to equip your kitchen with a dining area for days and we hope we inspired you.

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