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The blue color is a safe bet to achieve serene environments. More intense and saturated than the navy blue, the blue indigo symbolizes honesty and wisdom. It is the color of the farthest and deepest sky; an intense and elegant color that transmits at the same times something safe and secure.

The first civilizations began to obtain this blue of the indigo plants for tissue dying and writing, among other things. Since then indigo blue or indigo has been linked to our homes. Do you want to know how to use it in your home?

Painting the walls or tiling blue indigo will bring a lot of personality to your home. However, if you do not feel safe using such an intense color on large walls. You can always incorporate it through pieces of furniture or apply it as an accent on textiles.

Blue walls indigo

The indigo color is an intense color and with a lot of force that will cause a great impact applied to the whole of the walls. It will allow you to create spaces that transmit calmness and calmness, contributing, at the same time, drama and personality to the room.

If you are determined to paint the walls of this color, you must bear in mind. However, that in rooms that do not receive much natural light. It is not advisable to use it on all the walls. In these cases try to apply the paint on a single wall and counteract the dark tone of this color with white details. Paint roofs and moldings in white and incorporate some ornaments or cushions to achieve a greater sense of spaciousness.

The same recommendations can be applied to floors and walls tiled in indigo tones. In bathrooms with natural light and white sanitary blue indigo tiles will bring depth and elegance. It is also the blue indigo widely used in outdoor spaces and in the kitchen. Where we usually find mosaics that combine blue and white.

Brush strokes of indigo blue

If we do not want to paint the walls with this color because it seems too risky. We can decorate the wall with a large picture in this color. As with colored walls, we will be able to attract all eyes to the same focus.

Another way to use blue indigo in the decoration is betting on furniture of this color. The furniture painted with the technique of pickling will stand out on a neutral wall and will bring a rustic and traditional touch to the room. A more modern touch will achieve incorporating low furniture with clean lines to your kitchen or a modern sofa to your living room.

If we are the ones who prefer to give small touches of color to this or that room. It will be best to use it in small decorative objects or textiles. Frames, table lamps, vases, household items, carpets, curtains, and cushions can become a great ally for this purpose.

The indigo blue accents will work especially well in contrast to the purest whites and will suppose an extra personality contribution. It is a combination of colors that will give a fresh and Mediterranean air to your home, evoking beach spaces and outdoor terraces.

How to combine blue indigo

Combining indigo blue or indigo blue is easy. It is a very versatile color that works well both with neutral colors and with other ranges of bright colors with the same level of saturation. It also gives good results with yellows, oranges, greens or roses.

When we combine blue indigo with neutral tones with greater luminosity. We achieve cool and cozy rooms. It happens with broken targets, grays, sands, beige … With these last ones. We will also bring a touch of warmth to the room, being the indigo of a colder color than sand or beige. Along with natural materials such as linen, raffia, natural wood and some white, it is a visually appealing combination, fresh and relaxing.

More intense neutral colors such as camel or brown enhance the depth of the indigo color, becoming a more daring but also more sophisticated option when using top quality materials. Indigo cushions on a leather sofa will create a spectacular effect.

Are you looking for a more daring look? Add brushstrokes in a vivid and intense color like orange. This combination will allow you to create more modern and daring spaces by playing with the contrast. And the same will happen with other citrus colors such as yellow they are riskier but also give good results.

If what you want, on the other hand is to achieve a combination of soft colors you can combine the indigo color with green tones. Its combination will allow you to create more classic and traditional environments but with a nice contrast of color. As for the pink, this tamping can help you in small doses to give a spark of life and joy to space.

As you can see blue is a very versatile color that you can incorporate into your home in a thousand and one ways.

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