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Do you want to bring freshness to the decoration of your home? Are you considering the possibility of changing the paint on your walls?  Choosing the right mauve color for the walls, furniture or accessories that occupy a certain room is not only an aesthetic issue, it can also help to awaken certain stimuli.

The mauve color, for example, is a cold color that can contribute to creating serene environments if you use the clearest versions. But it can also be a color and help you to add character to a particular room in its darkest versions. Do you want to know how to use this color to decorate your home?

Mauve, a cold color

Mallow is a cold color, as are blue water, mint green or deep pink, among many other shades. All of them can help you freshen up your home with just a coat of paint. Does your home receive abundant sunlight? Then you should not be afraid to use it.mauve

Obtained when mixing two primary colors, the pigment for its elaboration was so expensive in the antiquity that only it was within the reach of the royalty and the nobility. Today despite being accessible, it continues to relate to luxury and power. It is also associated with creativity, spirituality, and femininity.

Which version do we choose?

In general terms, the mallow contributes to creating serene environments in its clearest and most sophisticated version and with a lot of character if you bet on its darker versions. It is a color that acquires many shades and that will transmit different sensations depending on which version we use and how we use it.mauve

Clear and soft versions:  Using its softer tones can be ideal in areas that we desire induce us to relaxation, relaxation and rest. It should not surprise us, therefore, that light cold colors are common in bedrooms, rest areas, and bathrooms. These also produce an amplitude effect that is very interesting in small rooms, with a few meters between wall and wall. And they are also very suitable to bring freshness to very sunny stays.

Dark and intense versions: The most intense or dark versions of the mallow have the power to emphasize the presence of everything that is around, so they are great allies to call attention to a particular place. It has a great decorative force and is usually used mainly in certain walls or furniture in the living room, library or bedroom. Depending on how and where they are used they can contribute to creating rustic, bohemian or sophisticated stays

Where and how do we use the mallow?

Although at first glance it may seem that the choice of colors is just a matter of taste, as we have seen, it should not be taken lightly. In addition to thinking about the aesthetic aspect, nothing better than attending to the psychology of colors to incorporate them.

Mallow walls

Betting on the walls for a clear base in mauve tones is always a good alternative in rooms intended for rest or meditation. The clear tones will also help to illuminate these rooms and bring them freshness when natural and warm light invades them.

We must bear in mind, however, that these could limit us when choosing the furniture and accessories that will decorate the room. A “problem” that we can solve by betting on furniture in neutral tones and small touches of color in the form of textiles or accessories.

If on the contrary, we want to bet on more intense or dark mauve shades to give character rooms like the library or the living room it is advisable to apply them in a single wall. Otherwise, the room could be dark and overloaded. The exception to this normal is the large and very bright bedrooms with a Bohemian character.

Mallow furniture

Have you contemplated introducing mauve furniture in the living room or bedroom? If you want to draw attention to a particular corner, use pieces of furniture in that color that stand out from the rest of the decoration, it is a good strategy. It can be an armchair, a table, a cupboard, a set of chairs.Mallow furniture

Accessories and textiles

Do you want a cold color to be the protagonist of your room but do not dare to apply it so forcefully? Start by using it in the accessories: a cushion, a vase, and the curtains. The more distributed it is, the more harmonious the result will be.

Mauve cushions on a sofa in green tones or a bed with gray bedding is always a good idea. We also like the idea of incorporating mauve curtains in a baby bedroom decorated in neutral tones. It’s an effective but gentle way to add color, do not you think?

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