Ideas to decorate your home with folding screens


A screen is by definition a “screen composed of several frames joined by hinges, which closes, opens and unfolds.” In the past, screens were used as a partition behind which to undress with privacy, but nowadays they fulfill different decorative functions in our homes.

The tendency to bet on open spaces has returned prominence to the screens. Not only are they a fantastic tool to separate different environments, but they are also a means to provide personality to each room by wearing walls or corners. Do you want to know how to get the most out of that piece? We show you

Screens to separate spaces

The trends invite us to tear down walls in our homes and to bet on large open spaces. To dispense with partitions, however, does not have to subtract privacy from certain spaces. The screens, among other solutions, allow us to define different areas and environments in the same space quickly, conveniently and economically.

To divide a great stay in different environments helps us to make it more welcoming. The screens can also provide privacy and facilitate the possibility of providing a style to each of the spaces that are created on either side.

In open spaces we may want to separate the kitchen from the dining room, the library of the living room or the study of the bedroom or without them sharing a common space. In the bedroom, the screens are common to separate the bed from the study area, dressing room or dressing table. And the bathroom is another place where the screen historically belongs and where it has been used for decades to separate the free-standing bathtub from the sink area.

Screens to dress walls

The designer Coco Chanel used the screens as if it were wallpaper to decorate the walls. It is achieved in this way to provide not only color but also volume to it. It is a great alternative when faced with long bare walls.

The room is by its dimensions, the most usual space to apply this trend. Placing the screens on the main wall and combining the upholstery or sofa cushions with these is a good way to achieve a harmonious space. Look how they do it in the image above to inspire you.

Placed in the corners of a room the screens are also capable of molding the perception of the dimensions of space. They also become a focal element that helps us highlight a particular corner or piece of furniture. In small rooms every square meter of useful space, but it is a very decorative alternative and to be taken into account in large rooms.

Screens as headboard

If we can use doors and windows as a headboard, why cannot we use screens in the same way? It is a unique and economical option to dress the main wall of the bedroom that will also allow you to play with different styles: minimalist, natural, exotic…

When choosing the screen in addition to its aesthetics you will have to take into account the dimensions of it. If the room is small choose a screen that does not reach the ceiling; leaving a wall in sight will make our perception about the dimensions of it change. As for the width, a three-piece screen will suffice, as a general rule, to cover the width of a bed of up to 1.50m.

The screens can cover different needs both practical and aesthetic in our home, as has been demonstrated. It’s simple, also work with them. We can find them with very varied designs in the different decoration stores, which will allow us to print the desired style to each space. You will find them made of wood, vegetable fibers, metal, methacrylate, or with textile panels, among others, with different motifs and colors.

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