Ideas to decorate your home with wooden shelves


wooden shelvesThe wooden shelves are very useful when creating storage spaces in our house. These tables arranged horizontally, as defined by the RAE are a simple and versatile resource that we can incorporate into any room, from the bathroom or kitchen to the living room or the children’s bedroom.

The wooden shelves are visually light. They are not only practical but also decorative. Actually, they bring warmth and a note of color to any wall.

How to fix the wooden shelves to the wall

You can place the shelves on the wall using different fastening systems: screwing the shelves in the wall to achieve a minimalist aesthetic, using supports that provide decorative value to them or placing them between two walls and fixing them to the same.

Floating shelves

Fixing the wooden shelves in such a way that no additional element steals from them is the alternative chosen by those who seek a minimalist aesthetic. It is the most popular system for decorating Nordic-inspired homes where the shelves have painted the color of the wall -white mainly- so they do not stand out excessively. If, however, you want to draw attention to this element, bet on shelves that contrast in color with the wall. The higher the contrast, the more they will stand out.

Shelves with seen supports

The supports add personality to the set and allow us to fix them in a more comfortable way. Through these supports, you can also promote the rustic nature of natural wood shelves, provide an industrial touch to them or achieve a point of unique and characteristic originality. In the market, you will find a wide variety of brackets and stands, manufactured in different materials and with different finishes.

Hanging wooden shelves

You can also use ropes or strings as a support and decorate them with wooden balls or other details to give them a personal touch. Or bet on one of the trends of the moment and hang the shelves of leather belts. This type of creations, which you can imitate yourself at home, are less stable than the previous ones but they are very decorative. Place on them some cactus, some ceramic figure or your favorite book and decorate your bedroom with them.

Niches with wooden shelves

In this case, the wooden shelves are fixed between two walls. Normally in a niche, a hole generated in the wall of work or between two cabinets previously installed. Moreover, the niches usually provide us either in the living room, in the bathroom or in the bedroom. And, they give a large storage space. In addition, It is very appropriate to install to corners a reading or study corner.

Where to place wooden shelves

As we have mentioned before, you can accommodate wooden shelves  in any space. Such as, you can accommodate them either in entrance hall or in kitchen. And, you can also accommodate them not only in living room but also in bathroom. They are usually used as auxiliary elements to achieve extra storage and at the same time more open and light spaces, visually.

Frequently resorted to wood shelves in the kitchen, as a complement to closed cabinets. They are also cheaper than these and can help us to give the kitchen a more personal style. A convertible into the protagonists of the kitchen front is a trend. With the same objective, to gain storage space we use them in the bathroom. But, in this space, we usually find them wearing niches next to the shower.

The niches are also common in the salons. Thus, you usually use them either as a bookstore or as a study or work area. Besides, in the living rooms, we can also find wooden shelves decorating the wall of the sofa. Family memories or works of our favorite artists that transmit peace are usually placed on it. These are the important ones. And, these, therefore, should stand out on the shelf. Something that will be much easier if we opt for a floating design and/or camouflaged with the wall.

In the same way, we use them in the living room. And, we can use them in the office or the bedroom. In this last room, hanging wooden shelves are common for their decorative power. If the storage space is not a problem, they are enough to have in view those objects that make us happy.

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