Ideas to transform the comfortable Ikea Rast


When an Ikea piece of furniture falls into creative hands it can be transformed and even adopt a function different from that for which it was created. These changes and transformations suffered by the furniture of the Swedish giant are known as Ikea Hacks.

The RAST chest of drawers is undoubtedly one of the most “hacked” furniture of Ikea. And this piece of untreated wood allows us to play with different types of paints and varnishes and invites us to incorporate moldings, washi-tape motifs, and other arrangements.

Characteristics of the RAST chest of drawers
Rast is a chest of drawers of three untreated pine. Solid wood furniture with a beautiful and resistant natural finish that Ikea invites us to deal with oil, wax, varnish or paint. For what? Because as Ikea says, “it will last longer and be easier to maintain.”

It is not a large piece of furniture; mounted has measures of 62x30x70 cm. It also does not have a great weight; it weighs little more than 15 K. For that reason and for your house to be a safe place for the whole family, it includes a safety fitting to fix the furniture to the wall.

Quick ideas to transform the comfortable Rast

It has an affordable price, is easy to assemble and very versatile… The Rast chest is a classic in the Ikea catalog. A piece of furniture that is easy to customize and has been the protagonist of numerous hacks by creative hands. Although we should not be confused; you do not have to be a handyman to have a unique Ikea.

There are simple ideas, such as the following, that you can implement:

  • Add a lower structure with wheels so you can change it easily.
  • Add legs to gain height and/or facilitate cleaning the floor.
  • Painting the drawers with geometric patterns
  • Line the drawers with textiles.
  • Decorate the drawers with geometric moldings, beads, tacks or washi tape.
  • Remove some drawer and replace it with a shelf.
  • Change the knobs for others of different styles and colors.
  • Convert it into a double chest by joining a comfortable structure through a lower structure.
  • Add a small mattress on the top to convert it into a changer.

Rast Hacks

Go into the neighbor’s house and find the same dresser or the same mirror that decorates your hall is not crazy when we talk about Ikea furniture. Buying furniture in Ikea, however, should not make us give up unique pieces. We can transform them and change their appearance complete with a single coat of paint and new handles.

The RAST chest of drawers can become that piece of furniture that stands out in any room. You can use it as a bedside table, as a main piece of furniture in the hall or decorate your favorite corner. And if you use two, the possibilities increase! You can create furniture for television, desks and dressing rooms, among others.

As a bedside table

One of the most common uses of the Ikea RAST commode is to serve as a bedside table. A coat of paint and a change of handles is usually enough to adapt it to our bedroom. However, there are those who go further and add legs to adjust it to the height of the bed or do without one of the drawers for comfort.

As furniture in double version

If as a single piece you have a small test to join two chests. How? You can attach them or create a more complex piece of furniture incorporating a structure with legs that support the two comfortable ones and that will serve to incorporate some compliments.

The legs will allow the wood of the floor to be aerated and at the same time, allow you to clean it more comfortably. Remember that the weight of the dresser will be multiplied by two and that moving it will not be easy for you without help. You can only do it if you incorporate wheels to the design.

As a work table

The comfortable RAST becomes a great ally when it comes to creating workspaces. With two chests we can create a desk with ease, incorporating a surface that unites both. And in the same way that we use them to create a desk, we can use them to create a work table for the garage, in which to organize the tools.

As a children’s furniture

The price and durability of these Ikea dressers make them ideal for decorating children’s spaces. While they are babies, a pair of dressers can be enough to organize their clothes and serve, at the same time, as a changing table. Simply place a small mattress on top.

Decorating the Rast dresser for a children’s audience can also be very fun. You can use pastel shades or bet on neon details to color the dresser. Another great idea is to paint on it animal or geometric motifs. Give it imagination!

Do you think it’s a good idea to customize the Rast chest of drawers to decorate your home?

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