Ikea screens to separate your most special environments


It is said that the first screens are originally from China. They were a sort of screen that could be folded and used to prevent air currents from passing through the rooms. Nowadays, we can see them in different shapes and styles, although their use has also varied slightly as well as can be seen in the Ikea screens.

The decoration shop also offers us a series of examples that are perfect for our interiors. If you want to create a different style in each room, do not doubt that this will be your best ally. The screens of Ikea are a great response to both the style and the most original minimalist touch. Discover them!

Advantages of the Ikea screens

The certain thing is that each one can give the user that wishes. But it is also true that one of the most widespread is that which has as its purpose the separation of environments. When we are facing a fairly large room, we can always use them in a certain area. For what? then to make a division but without having to take hold of the works. Thus, thanks to a screen, you separate environments but knowing that light will pass through them.Ikea screens

In this way, based on this, we can find different styles to adapt them to the decoration that we have in our home. The most common is to place them in bedrooms, living rooms or study rooms and offices. Also, when you get tired of them or the divisions that we discuss, you can fold them and save them in a very simple way. Neither will you occupy a large space. When cleaning, you can do it with a cloth dampened in water and detergent. Then you will pass a dry cloth and your screen will be shiny again.

Separating environments with screens

One of the key environments is the bedroom. In this case, when the stay is quite large, we need a bit of privacy. So, nothing like creating a somewhat special atmosphere thanks to a screen. You can make a separation from the bed and on the other side place some sofas. It is not necessary that the tapes completely since sometimes it is not so much the real use but rather decorative of the screens. For the bedroom Ikea screens allow us to dream of an example of solid wood that will give us elegance. Now you can create an improvised bedroom or as we say, give a chic touch to yours.

For an even more modern and original style, Ikea presents us with this model. It is a much lighter screen and has a felt finish. It is very easy to operate, so in just a few minutes, we will have an intimate space where we want. Just by vacuuming it, you’ll have it clean in a matter of a short time. It is another option to consider and more when the store tells us that it is insulating from noise.

For an industrial decoration, Ikea also has new solutions. Although you can adapt it to all those decorations that you like, without a doubt, this one has an original touch that you need to know. The screen in question is composed of a grid wall. In it, it has several hooks incorporated. What makes your presence even more special? Because only then, we can make the most of it. Also in its lower part have some supports where you can place magazines in the room or cookbooks. A very special way to give the necessary originality to that corner that we had been asking for a long time.Ikea screens

As it could not be less, also Ikea screens have their great outdoor version. If before we mentioned that they were destined to stop the air currents that could be generated in rooms, it does not hurt for us to think about that same use but outside the home. So, now you can enjoy your terrace or garden with an element like this. What uses would you give them?

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