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From books to family photos, there is a whole world of treasures to find a place in our homes. Whether you want to expose your stuff or hide it from the view of your guests, the wide variety of sizes and styles of the Ikea shelves will allow you to do it adjusting to all your needs.

Ikea modular shelving

Ikea modular shelving allows you to combine different elements such as shelves, drawers, and cabinets to create custom furniture that fits your needs. So you will achieve that any stay in your home remains orderly without much effort.

Eket, Havsta, and Svalnas are the most popular Ikea series to decorate the living room or bedroom. Each one will bring a different style to space. You just have to decide what is the best way to show and save your favorite things

  • Eket series. Eket is an ultra-scalable and flexible storage system, which you can customize by combining its elements and colors to adapt them to the solution that you like the most. The Eket series provides large and small shelves open and closed, in neutral colors such as white or gray or striking as blue or orange. The modules can be placed on the floor or fixed to the wall by means of a suspension rail that facilitates their assembly.Shelves
  • Havsta series. The design and details rooted in the Scandinavian tradition give the Havsta series a handmade and timeless touch. Made of solid pine wood with a beautiful tinted finish, it will impart character to your living room. It will also provide a good storage system to show the things you like and hide what you do not want to be seen.Shelves
  • Svalnas series. With the modules of the Svalnas series, it will be easy for you to create a unique wall storage solution with which to give your personal touch to the living room or workspace. When you want to change it, you will only have to rearrange the shelves and add more if you wish. You will find in these series shelves of different backgrounds and widths to keep everything and sliding doors that will allow you to choose if you want to show or not your things.

Book stores

The complete libraries of Ikea are perfect for organizing your books and also for exhibiting your stuff and favorite photos. You will find in your catalog a wide variety of styles and sizes, whether you want an independent library or one to which you can add more sections as your collection of books grows. The options are numerous, but as a bookstore, Billy is, without a doubt, the favorite.Shelves

Billy is a functional, flexible and modest storage cabinet that transmits one personality or another depending on what is inside. Gillis Lundgren designed this piece of furniture in honor of a colleague. He expressed his desire to design an “appropriate” shelf, but he did much more than that: he designed a shelf that can belong to almost anyone.Shelves

Your most significant elements and the way you organize them really show who you are. Some people buy some furniture because of the history and identity they represent. Furniture that, when customized, loses its value. But Billy gives more value to what is inside than the name of the designer.

Kitchen shelves

In the kitchen, the storage space seems always to be insufficient. There are always many things to keep: small appliances, kitchen utensils, food products, crockery … Kitchen racks like the Omar series provide you with an open storage space where you can easily see and pick up your things.Kitchen shelves

The Omar series is very versatile and easy to assemble; does not require tools. It allows you to connect several units or sections of shelves to obtain a larger storage solution that fits your needs. The height of the shelves is also adjustable, so you can distribute the space according to your own criteria.

Another advantage of the Omar series is its design, easy to adapt to any kitchen, whatever the style of these. Boxes and baskets will help you organize the smallest things while other things will be visible, giving your bookshelf a sense of order.

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