Incredible ideas to decorate with leaves of trees for Christmas


The leaves of the trees at this time of year, although they are falling, have always had a very romantic air. Its golden color, toasted and bright. It is a very representative color and when the cold seasons arrive we want to take advantage of them, but we do not know how. And even more, for Christmas, that is coming and we want to give a warm touch to our home. But do not worry, because we have several original ideas on how to use them correctly. Discover these easy ideas to decorate your Christmas home with tree leaves.

Inspiration to decorate with tree leaves this Christmas

It is not about sticking leaves through the walls or making a bed on the ground so that the trees are in the room. For Christmas, we want to be original and unique and for that, we can use tree leaves, very creatively. We just have to let ourselves be carried away by the spirit of Christmas.

1- Start these holidays decorating the entrance of your house. Take advantage of the leaves that have fallen from the trees and dare to create a Christmas wreath made with tree leaves and dry branches with the predominant colors on these dates. The final touch you can give it with the red fruits of holly of the season.tart these holidays

2- Create a garland and give it the Christmas spirit you need with the help of glitter. Try that the leaves have a similar size and before applying the glitter lacquer so that they are kept every day. Then to finish this beautiful Christmas garland with tree leaves you will have to join each of the leaves. Think that the more leaves you put, the more beautiful the final result will be.Christmas garland

3- This idea of decorating with tree leaves is very fashionable and you will love it. You only need to pick up the dry branches that keep the leaves or the small flowers. Opt for something simple, it is not necessary that the sheets are very striking. Collect them all, place them inside a Christmas ball and add them all with a string. The effect is surprising.decorating  with tree leaves

4- Something very simple to do and that gives a modern touch to our home for Christmas, is this crown in silver tones accompanied by tree leaves and a little pixie. Then look for a glass jar and add all the Christmas decorations that you like, to be in silver and place them inside the jar. And, if you want you can place small Christmas lights to illuminate from within.romantic touch

5- To add a more romantic touch to the table, dress it with napkins and use once more the red fruits of holly. You can also try the pine branches, very Christmas and scented aroma. It’s up to you!decorate with Christmas

What do you think of these ideas to decorate with Christmas tree leaves? Ingenious, right? Did you imagine them like that? Would you put any more into practice? Do not hesitate to share your ideas!

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