Incredible ideas to decorate your house recycling glass boats


Do you know how many things you discard daily to which you can draw great potential at a decorative level? The glass boats are a clear example of this. If you usually consume products that come in glass jars or jars, do not hesitate to use them to decorate your home in an economical, original and fun way. How? Keep reading!

Ideas to decorate your home with glass jars

If you are thinking of giving a different touch to the rooms of your home, do not hesitate to trust the possibilities offered by the glass boats to decorate. Do you want to know some original and interesting ideas? Take note!

1- A simple and very cheap idea for your pocket is to make your glass jars an original pot for your flowers. Fill the boat with water and add a small stone so that its bottom highlights Ideal if you are a lover of flowers!romantic atmosphere

2- Another alternative is to make use of glass jars as if an oil lamp will be treated. To do this you will only have to use a piece of wire to create a handle and insert a candle inside. Ideal to create a romantic atmosphere.paint your glass jars

3- If you are a lover of painting. Why do not you decide to paint your glass jars giving them a touch of color? They will be very useful to store food, candy, or whatever you want. Very practical and simple!roses or flowers

4 – Surprise your visitors will not be difficult with glass boats if you bet on this beautiful and original ideal. Take a glass jar with a lid, fill it with water, and put some roses or flowers in the water. It will be impossible for it to go unnoticed!colors

5- When your home has enough space do not hesitate to install a shelf and fill the glass jars filled with water tinted with different colors. Your home will look interesting and very attractive.colored glass pots

6- Another possibility is to make use of different colored glass pots. Whether tinted or manufactured or that you dedicate to painting yourself and hanging them all together through strings or wires.

7- If you have a large jar or glass jar it is interesting that you create a mixture of different elements such as pineapples, dried leaves, and flowers. Wicker spheres or whatever you prefer. Give free rein to your creativity and imagination and you will get your crystal boat to be the main protagonist of your home.decorate

What do you think of these original ideas to decorate your home with glass jars? Do they seem original to you? Which one would you choose? Take advantage of and reuse your glass boats and turn them into decorative elements for your home.

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