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If you are thinking of renovating the kitchen, do not hesitate to add a kitchen that is functional, but also adds a lot of style to your home. The modern kitchens are sophisticated, with simple lines and very practical. It is a great choice to opt for a modern style kitchen that also offers the latest materials and advances when it comes to enjoying our cuisine.

The modern kitchens have a simple style but do not have to be boring. We can find them with color, funny touches like vinyl or with cozy details, like lighting with vintage lamps. There are many ideas that you can adapt to your home with modern kitchens.

Modern kitchens with island

In modern kitchens, we can find many interesting modalities and one of them is the kitchens with the island. If you want one like this you will have to have enough space at home since the island and the kitchen as a whole take up a lot. These kitchens are often used for open environments because we do not need a room so wide, but we already put together a dining room or a living room with the kitchen, so that when adding the island we do not feel the loss of space. In many homes, this island is used both as a dining room and as a work area, so it can also be a good option to forget about putting a separate dining room that would occupy us more and would not be as functional.

Kitchens with colorful

In modern kitchens, there is also colorful. Although the most minimalist style demands basic tones such as black, white or gray, the truth is that there are many kitchens in which the color note has been placed and which are equally modern. It usually uses a single tone on a white base, to highlight it, whether red, blue or orange. In this case, they have used a dark blue on doors that are brightly lacquered, so as not to subtract light from the kitchen.

Small modern kitchens

Among the kitchens, we find some ideas for smaller spaces that have to be exploited without losing a bit of style. This kitchen has used a warm wooden floor, light tones and an island that adapts to space, making the function of the dining room and space to work. They have taken advantage of every corner of the kitchen and there is still a sense of space.

Open and modern kitchens

The open kitchens are our favorites, and they leave an incredible feeling of space. These can be next to the living room or the dining room. The way to separate the environments is with the floor, either using carpets or a different floor. They are very practical and perfect for large families.

Kitchens in black and white

You can not miss the black and white ideas of the most modern and minimalist kitchens. The doors in black usually have a bright finish that helps multiply the light, so they can be used without being afraid that we have a very dark space. This kitchen uses black and white with touches of metallic in a really sophisticated and simple set.

White and modern kitchens

The white kitchens are also very demanded, especially if we are talking about the modern Nordic style, which leaves us functional spaces, bright and beautiful. This kitchen features light wood, vintage white tiles, and white wooden doors. It offers a warm touch to spaces without the white making them colder, so wood is the ideal material for this type of kitchen. The only thing that adds the touch of color is the natural plants.

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