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Are you decorating your new home and looking for ideas to decorate the Kitchen lamps? Do you want to give your kitchen another air with the least number of changes? The kitchen is a space in which we gather the family, we eat, and we talk … An important space that good lighting can make much more pleasant.

The kitchen lamps are not only functional but also serve a decorative purpose and as such are subject to trends. If you are looking for a decoration that is not only functional but also up-to-date, go for industrial-style lamps of large size, pendant sets of modern design or wicker lamps.

Good lighting enhances the spaces. And when it comes to choosing the best lighting option for our kitchen there is not only a correct answer. In fact today there are many who opt for installing both integrated halogen lamps and hanging lamps to get ambient light and direct light on the worktop or table, respectively.

Options in the market there are many kitchen lamps. Hence, we have decided to focus on the most demanded at present; those that in addition to illuminating your kitchen will give a modern touch:

Industrial kitchen lamps

Industrial-style lamps have become a major player in the last decade. Made in metal, they come in a variety of finishes and colors, with the favorites being large ones and a rough and slightly aged finish. With such characteristics, how can we not turn them into protagonists of the kitchen?

Industrial kitchen lamps are usually placed on the worktop or kitchen table, providing direct light to them. Combining them with halogen bulbs integrated into the ceiling is the best way to achieve lighting not only correct but also pleasant.

Articulated wall lamps

Articulated wall lamps are not far from the previous ones in terms of style. They also have industrial characteristics. In fact, most resemble the flexes that were used and used in work areas. Is not the kitchen a work zone?

Articulated lamps allow us to direct the light bulb where it is necessary. This is undoubtedly your best feature or one that makes them one of the best alternatives but not the only one. Articulated kitchen lamps:

They provide direct focal lighting. They can be moved or flexed to orient the beam of light.

They come in different styles, sizes, colors, shapes … In this way, it is easy to integrate them with pleasure into the space in which they will be placed.

They are able to provide us with additional features such as light intensity regulation or USB.

Wicker lamps

Wicker lamps have become an object of desire. Simplicity is a new luxury and this type of lamps made with vegetal fibers is protagonists in recognized boutique hotels and important decoration publishers. Why not transfer the elegance and naturalness of these environments to our home?

Natural fibers such as wicker, rattan or bamboo, to give some examples, become fantastic tools to bring warmth to spaces decorated in cool tones, such as the Nordic. They also fit perfectly into Mediterranean-style spaces in which the connection with nature takes on great importance. And we can not forget the wabi-sabi environments characterized by their rustic simplicity; that’s where, without a doubt, these lamps fit better.

Modern lamps

Modern design lamps are another popular alternative. For a while now, the sets of “non-identical” lamps have taken center stage. This is sets in which all the lamps that compose it keep the same style, but they are different in terms of design, size and/or color.

This trend is, without a doubt, a fantastic way to bring a unique touch to the kitchen or dining room. However, because they are designed by prestigious firms, they usually require a large outlay. An alternative to these is to bet on identical lamps but with striking designs; those of contemporary style with the copper finish or metallic interior are perfect for kitchens in white tones.

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