Kitchenette: 5 practical ideas for a small kitchen


KitchenetteA small kitchen can be quite inviting and functional. It is enough to arrange it with care and to exploit all the available surfaces correctly. To inspire you, here are five ideas for your kitchenette.

Linear kitchens

A linear kitchen is a kitchen arranged in length, it is perfect for a kitchenette open to the living room or in a small room, closed. The kitchen furniture is located along the wall and you can exploit the entire surface of the wall. Install cupboards from the floor to the ceiling, favoring the columns. Mix also between cupboards and shelves to give aesthetics.

Appliances at the kitchen size

In a kitchenette, opt for small appliances. Adapt your appliances to available spaces, especially the built-in appliances. For example, install a small fridge under the hotplates. Use a small microwave oven and grill oven that you will also have built-in so as not to waste a worktop space. Choose a single-bowl sink to make room for the worktop. Professionals in kitchen equipment offer you so many possibilities to equip your small space such as a hood that is fixed under the cupboard.

The two-in-one bar table

With a small kitchen that opens onto the living room, set up a bar table. In addition to serving as a dining table, it will serve as delimitation between the two spaces. Functional and decorative at the same time, the table-bar will save you space. It can also serve as a work plan in addition.

Store your furniture

Modular furniture adapts well to small kitchen spaces. In no time, you can fold and store them. Among the most practical, you have the tablet, which after serving as a dining table, bends against the wall and occupies more than twenty centimeters in the kitchen. Also opt for the foldable stools, which, just like the table, once folded are tidy. All you have to do is attach hooks to the wall and hang them there.

Storage everywhere

Use angles to use as storage, you can install the credence bars as above a worktop. Your bars can be superimposed in height; you will hang your utensils, which is very convenient because they will be at hand. The magnetic credence is also a trick to exploit this space that often remains unoccupied. In your closets, install storage on the doors to store your pan lids for example. To save even more space in your drawers, do not hesitate to use the organizers to organize your belongings. Also, favor storage that creeps everywhere like small boxes on wheels or small storage floor on wheels. To finish,

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