Kitchens in L, a great alternative in small spaces


Would you like to give your Kitchens a new look? If you are thinking about renewing it, start by studying all the possibilities to maximize the space.  A good distribution will help you to take advantage of each of its corners efficiently and will make it more functional.

What plant does your kitchen have? Which shape has? When the kitchen is narrow and elongated the configuration in L is the best option to get a passage area that allows you to move comfortably through the kitchen. But not only in this type of spaces is it advisable to install kitchens in L.

It is important to take advantage of every inch available in our kitchen but with a head. It often falls into the error of squeezing the space and as a result area of the uncomfortable passage is obtained and for which it is oppressive to move. Hence, a study of the types of distribution is useful as an orientation.

Types of kitchen distribution

Does your kitchen have more than 20m2 or less? Is it square or elongated? Is it closed or open to other spaces? Answering these questions and with the help of the following scheme, you will know what is the best distribution for your kitchen. There are other variables, it is not an exact science, but it will serve as an orientation.

  • U-shaped kitchen: Ideal for large surfaces and kitchens open to the living room or dining room.
  • Kitchen with the island: Recommended for kitchens over 20 m2 and open kitchens.
  • L-shaped kitchen: Perfect for long and narrow kitchens of less than 20 m2.
  • Parallel kitchen: Suitable for square surfaces between 10 m2 and 15 m2.
  • Linear kitchen: Very comfortable in small or open kitchens.

Kitchens in L

If your kitchen is small, long and closed, do not give it more laps! The best way to get the most out of the space is with an “L” distribution. Placing the furniture in “L” will avoid saturating the space with furniture that will only hinder your movements.

Take advantage of both walls, from floor to ceiling. When the kitchen is too small, installing both low and high furniture, to maximize storage space, is a must. Another way to take advantage of the space is to place the appliances: refrigerator, oven, and microwave, at the end of the “L”.

Bet on the white color in kitchens of small dimensions. Space will be much brighter and visually appear larger than it is. Combine the white furniture with wood details if you are worried that it is too cold or introduce small notes of color through accessories or small appliances.

In a larger kitchen replace the upper cupboards with open storage solutions is a great idea if you want to achieve a more decongested space. Some shelves are visually very light and at the same time reduce the cost of your kitchen.

You can also play with color in these medium-sized spaces. Choose lower furniture in blue or green tones and superior furniture that mimic the wall to visually lighten the kitchen. You will get original and fun L kitchens like the ones we offer you as an example in the image immediately above.

If the kitchen is large enough or opens to another space such as the living room or dining room. It will give you the opportunity to add a table or an island to complement the furniture in L. When the kitchen is closed a table will be essential, while that in a kitchen open to the dining room you can do without it and bet on an island that will help you to divide the spaces. If you tend to invite family and/or friends to home you will also appreciate having an impromptu meeting place while you cook.

There are many ways to take advantage of a small and narrow kitchen and the distribution in L is a good way to start. The kitchens in L are also a great option when it comes to decorating open spaces. Have we inspired you?

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