Learn to decorate with buttons with these cheap ideas


We always have loose buttons around the house. The shirts and jackets have gone old and somehow, we always keep the buttons. Especially when they are beautiful. Although they should not be colorful, to keep them, because when it comes to reusing, all buttons are welcome. That’s right, now we’ll see how we can use the buttons to decorate and create fantastic things.

How to decorate with buttons easily and economically

Whether to decorate another jacket give a special touch to a bag or turn them into something totally new, reusing the buttons will always come in handy. We can get something totally new, with the help of these ideas to decorate with buttons. You just have to be clear about what you want from them. We will help you choose among these fantastic ideas.

1. Crafts with buttons

You can create any type of craft with the buttons. Among them, you can create figures with remains of fabrics and use the buttons as eyes, so they are very decorative. Or if you want, place buttons as stains, prayers, cheeks … If you choose the buttons well, you can get the effect you want.

2. Figures made with buttons

If you want to make much more striking figures, with the buttons, you can also do it. This heart, for example, is made of buttons that have been unique with a little hot silicone. You can choose them of the same color, but try to make also, mixtures of colors. In this way, you can achieve greater contrasts.

3. Greeting cards with buttons

For those who love making personalized greeting cards, there is nothing more personal than the use of buttons. It gives a much more striking touch, in addition to providing a lot of texture and no doubt makes it very personal.

3. Cloth napkins decorated with buttons

The buttons can also be recycled to give a more elegant touch to the table. You can create rings for cloth napkins and they can be closed with recycled buttons. If in addition, you put different buttons in each, it will be much more striking. Do not forget to give them a coat of varnish, so they last longer and shine.

4. A wall clock made with buttons

Dare with something more complex and create a clock from scratch, with recycled materials. The buttons will give the time and you will get a very ingenious and exclusive decorative object for your living room. They do not have to be colored buttons. You can use the same color, the same style or you can even paint over them.

We hope you have enjoyed these different ideas to decorate with buttons. It is about reusing and using them in a simple and fun way. In addition, it is a very economical way to give them a new use, so these decorations will be very popular. Have you ever reused the buttons? What new utility have you given them? We look forward to sharing your creations with us.

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