Learn to dress your house at each time of the year


Do you think it is impossible to start a new house each season? You can get it with a few decorating tricks so you do not get tired of always seeing the same thing and your home can always give you that extra energy that we sometimes need. Keep reading and discover how you can dress your house at every moment of the year so that each of your stays is as warm as possible.

How to dress the house in each season?

Winter is a cold season and therefore, we spend much more time indoors. Spring and summer invite us to enjoy much more of outdoor spaces such as gardens, porches or terraces. And in the fall it is likely that we will start spending more time indoors, although we can also enjoy some time in the outdoor areas. Can you imagine what it would be like to dress your home differently in each season of the year? Well, you can get it with a few touches and decorative details:

1. How to dress the house in summer

Summer brings with it days of light and heat, dawns earlier, dusk later and, surely, we organize more lunches and dinners at home. The most important thing when dressing your house for the summer is that you know how to get the most out of sunlight. In this sense, this may be a good time to change the curtains of the room or hang them differently and put some more cheerful and with more transparent textures that let penetrate the sunlight inside the room. Also, you can give a new touch to the cushions, carpets, towels, and bedding and bet on a more summer decoration. Remember that in this, not only try to change the textiles by colorful prints, but you can, for example, bet on white or cream tones, as they are the colors that bring more light and are also fresh and cheerful.

2. How to dress the house in autumn

If you are one of those who thinks that autumn is a sad time, say goodbye to sadness by redecorating your house in this season. At this season of the year warm colors, which are very much in line with the leaves that fall from the trees, hit a lot? Therefore, when dressing your house in autumn, you can bet on yellows, gold, oranges, reds, browns, even beige. You can include the autumn colors in the covers of the sofa, the sheets, the towels, the quilted duvet or the tablecloth of the table on which you sit every day to eat. The dried flowers and candles are also home accessories that are very much in line with the fall.

3. How to dress your house in winter

Winter is the coldest time of the year and invites us to dress the house with blankets, rugs and all those decorative elements that save us from the cold and give a touch of comfort to the home. In this sense, velvet fabrics are the best to decorate your house in winter because they are fabrics that embrace you. Therefore, you can opt for these fabrics for bed cushions and sofas, or for covers of beds or quilts.

4. How to dress your house in spring

Winter gives way to long and sunny days … spring is here! To dress your house in spring bet on the bright colors light, and return to the finest and delicate textures. A very simple gesture with which you can start the change in the decoration of your home is the change of the cushions of the sofa, bed or terrace. Choose covers with more cheerful and fun tones, with warmer and brighter colors. Remember that spring is the perfect time to bet on the pink, yellow, red and even daring with the fluorine details.

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