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Magazine racks. Are you subscribed to any magazine? Do you buy the newspaper daily? Do you like to have your notes always close? The magazine will allow you to put some order in your usual reading corner and at the same time, contribute personality to it. Do you still have this accessory in your home?

Many people may think that with the rise of digital formats having a magazine rack at home makes no sense. Beyond their practicality, the magazine guides help us define spaces and reinforce the style of our living room, office or bedroom.

Types of the magazine rack

Manufactured in metal, wood or with the textile base, the magazine holders adapt to our needs and also to our style. The material of manufacture is one of the characteristics that help us to classify it, but so is its design, of floor or wall? Traditional or industrial style?

According to the surface where they are placed

Standing magazine racks: Standing magazine racks are those designed to be placed on the floor or on the surface of a piece of furniture. They are very practical placed at the foot of the sofa or the chair that is usually used for reading. They can also move easily from one side to the other; then they do not attach to surfaces.

Wall racks: The wall racks are designed to be fixed to the wall with screws. As for its design, it tends to emulate that of the lockers that placed in the offices, formerly served to classify letters and documents. If you are afraid that the standing magazine can get in the way of the floor or you want to dress your walls, they are a great option.

According to the material

Wood, metal, leather, canvas and vegetable fibers such as rattan are some of the most common materials for making magazine racks. The wood prints warmth to the designs. The metal provides industrial character to them. The leather is a symbol of elegance and sophistication. And the rattan? The rattan takes us to another era, at the same time that it brings naturalness to space.

Wood magazine racks.  That wood provides warmth to spaces is by all known. Inwood we can find wall-mounted magazine holders with straight lines and minimalist character, but also modern standing designs with sinuous shapes and subtle metallic details.

Metal magazine racks. If you want to bring a certain industrial/vintage character to your reading corner, the metal magazine rack becomes the best ally. They are the most numerous, so you will not find it difficult to find one that suits that particular space you want to decorate, we really like the standing magazine with a vintage table, but also other industrial ones that, attached to the wall, are used in the same way as those old boxes of letters and documents.

Textile magazine racks. The textile magazine holders generally have a metal structure and a textile base on which the magazines are deposited. There are many models in the market that meet these characteristics. Some of the most interesting are those that combine a structure with a golden metallic finish and a leather base. Sophisticated and elegant dresses of industrial and traditional style, mostly.

More economical, however, are those with a canvas base.

Magazine racks of vegetable fibers. Bamboo and rattan are the protagonists of magazine holders with a wide tradition of craftsmanship and vintage aesthetics. Many decades ago, they are back to trend today; hence it is easy to find them both in second-hand stores, as in the catalogs of the current decoration firms. With structured designs and organic shapes will bring a natural and warm touch to your reading corner.

In addition to magazine holders made of these materials, you will find others in glass or methacrylate with very modern designs. Perfect magazine racks also to decorate small rooms for its visual lightness. And they are not the only materials that we have left on the way.

As you can see there are magazine racks of all kinds, so it will not be difficult to find one that fits your style and that of your house.

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